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Putin laughing at Biden administration’s Ukraine response, ‘licking his chops’ Guardando: Charlie Hurt

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CHARLIE HURT: It's sort of amazing how much discord there is between the Biden administration and all of their supposed allies in Ukraine. intendo, at every turn, our administration and Ukraine have been at odds, whet...

Minnesota chops down No. 18 Wisconsin 23-13 to take back Axe

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The Gophers' defense swarmed the field like that all afternoon. Tanner Morgan overcame an interception that was returned for a first-half touchdown, leading three scoring drives after halftime to take down the 18th-r...

Chef George Duran’s Air Fryer Donuts, Bunnies in a Blanket, Instant Pot Lamb Chops

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Air Fryer Donuts Ingredients:1 can biscuit dough (like Pillsbury) 1 C. Granulated Sugar2 tsp. Cinnamon1/2 stick Melted butterFrosting and sprinkles Directions:Remove biscuits from can and use an empty plastic bottle ...

Harris to start ‘regularlunches with Blinken in bid to beef up foreign policy chops

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Vice President Kamala Harris will have her first private lunch with Secretary of State Antony Blinken Wednesday, meetings that are expected to continue with regularity, secondo due funzionari dell'amministrazione. Il...