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Chrissy Teigen tells fans she’s ‘four weeks sober

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Model and TV personality Chrissy Teigen has told fans she is "4 weeks sober," after posting an upbeat video on Instagram. The star posted a clip of herself dancing to "Good Morning" from the musical "Singin' in the ...

John Legend en Chrissy Teigen gee hul kinders 'n vroeë les in burgerskap

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John Legend het die verhoog betree tydens 'n saamtrek vir die Demokratiese vise-president genomineerde Sen. Kamala Harris Maandagaand en dit was 'n gesinsuitstappie. Legend se vrou, Chrissy Teigen, en hul jong kinders het op die verhoog verskyn ...

Chrissy Teigen’s heartfelt letter about losing her child is worth reading in full

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Chrissy Teigen is healing from the loss of her child and grateful for the outpouring of support her family has received since, she says in a new essay published Tuesday. She also says so much more. You can read he...

John Legend pays tribute to ‘humblingChrissy Teigen following baby loss

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John Legend has spoken of his love and admiration for his wife, Chrissy Teigen, following the loss of their baby earlier this month after pregnancy complications. The singer posted a video of himself on Instagram o...

Chrissy Teigen’s heartbreaking announcement highlights the stigma around pregnancy loss

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In openly sharing her painful message of loss on social media, Chrissy Teigen became an important voice for mothers who have also experienced the loss of a child to pregnancy complications. Teigen announced early Th...

Chrissy Teigen hospitalized after suffering bleeding during latest pregnancy

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Chrissy Teigen has been hospitalized in Los Angeles after suffering heavy bleeding during her pregnancy. The model and TV personality, who is expecting her third child with singer husband John Legend, was taken to...

Chrissy Teigen accidentally reveals the gender of baby #3

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Chrissy Teigen let the cat out of the bag regarding her third pregnancy. Teigen, who is married to singer John Legend, was updating fans via her Instagram stories on Thursday when she let the gender of her baby-to-...

Chrissy Teigen defends Kim Kardashian’s maternity shapewear line in cute video

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Kim Kardashian was in hot water over the weekend over her new maternity line from her shapewear brand Skims, and was accused of trying to force pregnant women to look slimmer. Kardashian defended the line on social...