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Pompeyo & Christie: GOP’s redistricting fight – here’s how states can challenge Dems‘sue to blue’ estrategia

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Few times in American history have we so desperately needed a check against a president like we do now. Americans will have our first real chance to stop Joe Biden’s agenda in the 2022 parciales, in less than 14 month...

Harris started ‘politicization’ of COVID-19 vaccines, Christie says

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"That put us in a totally different area that allowed it to be politicized and that politicization is just continuing now" he told ABC’s "Esta semana" el domingo. President Biden recently announced a new mandate to get ...

Christie Brinkley speaks out on Afghanistan crisis: ‘Too many are weeping tonight

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"Too many are weeping tonight, too much loss, too much pain and suffering, too many families in turmoil, too much anger hate weapons and violence," the actress and model, 67, wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption on F...

Sailor Brinkley-Cook is ageless mom Christie Brinkley’s mini-me

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The mother-daughter duo posed for selfies together and let their shared genetics shine through while attending an event honoring designer Michael Kors’ namesake brand. "Celebrating 40 years of the iconic American Sty...

Chris Christie calls out Biden for being ‘wrong’ on coronavirus management, economía

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CHRIS CHRISTIE: Joe Biden is wrong for wanting to spend us into oblivion. Joe Biden is wrong by forcing more gasoline out to this economy that's already got an over 5% inflation rate and going higher. Joe Biden is wr...

Christie Brinkley reflects on her SI Swimsuit success and the #MeToo movement

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"The potential was definitely there," the 67-year-old told Social Life magazine's editor-in-chief Devorah Rose for her July cover feature, which is currently on newsstands. "I was once told that I was doing a job on ...

Chris Christie to help raise money for Republicans running in governors races

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The new role for Christie, which an RGA official confirmed to Fox News, gives the 2016 GOP presidential candidate and potential 2024 White House hopeful another high profile position to keep his name in the headlines...

Christie Brinkley’s ex, Peter Cook, and his 21-year-old fiancée Alba Jancou celebrate July 4 in the Hamptons

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Cook and Jancou were photographed together at a party hosted by skin-care CEO Peter Thomas Roth. The couple wore matching black and white outfits. Cook and Jancou got engaged two years ago in Greece. "We are very h...

'Hermano mayor’ Temporada 23 La concursante Christie Valdiserri sale del programa después de una prueba positiva de coronavirus

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"No tengo idea como lo conseguí," Valdiserri compartió en un mensaje de video en Instagram el lunes. "Tengo la vacuna, y he estado siguiendo todas las pautas hasta este momento. No tengo absolutamente ningún síntoma, Me siento perfecto...

Falling for Pharma Bro: Christie Smythe’s telling of her relationship with Martin Shkreli

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But for Christy Smythe, this was just the beginning of a love story. Smythe was, En el momento, a court reporter for Bloomberg News. She had covered Shkreli’s story, and when he was indicted for securities fraud, ella ...

Chris Christie: Joe Biden "sabe que es un presidente de un mandato’

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CHRIS CHRISTIE: La gente puede gastar su dinero mucho mejor que el gobierno. Lo hemos visto una y otra vez. Pero aquí está el punto más importante: Es la falsedad de Joe Biden hacia el pueblo estadounidense d ...

Chris Christie slams Biden for allowing Canada COVID ‘double standard

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Christie blasted the president in a tweet posted Monday, saying more losing the upper hand coming from the Biden administration’s foreign policy and vaccine messaging with Canada. "More weakness from Biden foreign po...

Christie critica a Joe Biden por incumplir su promesa a los niños: Admin 'en la cama con los sindicatos de profesores’

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LOS CDC RECOMENDAN QUE LAS ESCUELAS DE EE. UU. CONTINUEN UTILIZANDO MASCARILLAS CHRIS CHRISTIE: Joe Biden prometió que tendría a todos nuestros niños de regreso en la escuela en el aula dentro de su primera 100 dias. Promesas hechas, promesa rota, por qué? Porque Joe Bide ....

Chris Christie swipes Nikki Haley for ‘deferringto Trump on potential 2024 run: Shows ‘weakness, indecision

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El mes pasado, Haley was asked if she would support former President Trump if he threw his hat in the ring, which she said "sí," but also made clear that she would not launch a GOP primary bid against him. "I would no...

Chris Christie: La dirección de Biden sonaba como "un chico de 15 años si le dieras una tarjeta de crédito’

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La reprimenda mordaz de Christie fue en marcado contraste con sus compañeros comentaristas, el ex alcalde de Chicago Rahm Emanuel y la directora ejecutiva de Democracy for America, Yvette Simpson, quienes expresaron aprobación general por el desempeño de Biden..

Chris Christie: Biden ‘lyingabout spending package going toward ‘infrastructure

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"You cannot call a $ 400 billion plan to force unionization in states, to say that taking care of increasing Medicaid payments in states, is infrastructure," Christie said on ABC’s "This Week." CHRIS CHRISTIE CALLS ...

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