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Christina Aguilera says she ‘hated being super skinny’: ‘I have a hard time looking at the early pictures’

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The 40-year-old, who is the May 2021 cover star of Health magazine, told the outlet how she initially felt "so insecure" about her body until she "started filling out a little bit." "I think we all have our good days...

Christina Anstead is back to her maiden name on Instagram amid divorce

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Nuovo anno, the old you. That's the case for Christina Anstead, who has changed her name amid her divorce from Ant Anstead. She will now go by her maiden name, Christina Haack, according to her Instagram bio. Haack,...

La cantante Christina Perri dice di aver perso il suo bambino, che era 'nato silenzioso’

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Christina Perri ha annunciato di aver perso suo figlio, una bambina che era "nato silenzioso dopo aver combattuto così duramente per arrivare al nostro mondo." "Adesso è in pace & vivrà per sempre nei nostri cuori," il cantante e cantautore ...

Christina Anstead splits with husband of less than 2 anni

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Fresh on the heels of Christina Anstead returning to work with her ex-husband, she's announced that she and her current husband have split. Anstead shared the news on her verified Instagram account over the weekend ...