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The passing of Ed Palkot: There goes a ‘chunk of America

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Regular readers might recall him. I’ve written about him several times. How he’s voted in every presidential election that’s ever been. How he made it through two global pandemics … nearly. Martha...

Ten minste 34 people rescued after they became stranded on a floating chunk of ice in Green Bay

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Ten minste 34 people were rescued on Saturday after being stranded on a large chunk of floating ice off the shore of Point Comfort on Green Bay, according to the Brown County Sheriff's Office in Wisconsin. At about 10...

Chunk of highway goes flying through truck’s windshield after lightning strikes road

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A lightning strike sent a chunk of highway through the windshield of a truck in Florida on Monday and authorities say the truck's occupants are lucky that their injuries weren't more severe. When fire rescue crews ...

A chunk of ice twice the size of Manhattan has broken off Greenland in the last two years

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A 44-square-mile chunk of ice, about twice the size of Manhattan, has broken off the Arctic's largest remaining ice shelf in northeast Greenland in the last two years, leaving scientists fearful over its rapid disin...