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Supreme Court gives partial win to California churches fighting Covid restrictions

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A divided Supreme Court blocked California's Covid-related ban on indoor worship services in a late-night order Friday but allowed other restrictions targeting houses of worship to remain in place. This is a breakin...

A couple hid in two Philadelphia churches for 843 days to avoid deportation. Now they are free

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Vir 843 dae, Oneita and Clive Thompson took sanctuary in two Philadelphia churches to escape Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Daily life was constrained within the humble walls of the First United Methodist Ch...

Attacks on Black churches can’t be tolerated

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Kristen Clarke is president and executive director of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, home to the James Byrd, Jr.. Center to Stop Hate which works to confront racially motivated acts of hate across ...

Protesters ripped and set fire to BLM signs at two DC churches

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Members of two historic Black churches in Washington, DC, woke up Sunday morning to a disconcerting scene: Protesters attending a pro-Trump rally the night before had torn down their Black Lives Matter signs and set...

Swart kerke roep voordele vir geestesgesondheid in om die gemeenskap te ondersteun

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(Kaiser Gesondheidsnuus)Wilma Mayfield used to visit a senior center in Durham, Noord-Carolina, four days a week and attend Lincoln Memorial Baptist Church on Sundays, a ritual she has maintained for nearly half a centu...

Man who set fire to Louisiana churches sentenced to 25 jare

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The man who pleaded guilty to setting fire last year to three historically Black churches in Louisiana's Creole country was sentenced to 25 years in prison and ordered to pay more than $ 2.66 million in restitution...

Chile protest anniversary turns violent as churches burned, police fire tear gas

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Tens of thousands of Chileans gathered in the central square of Santiago to mark the one-year anniversary of mass protests that left over 30 dead and thousands injured, with peaceful rallies on Sunday devolving by ni...