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‘Cinderella’ stars James Corden, Camilla Cabello and more mocked for stopping traffic in LA for flash mob

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The film will mark singer Camila Cabello’s debut acting role as she takes on the fairy tale character who defies her evil stepsisters and engages in some hijinx involving a ball, a slipper and magic. Egter, an appa...

Camila Cabello is magical in first look at ‘Cinderella

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If the dream you were wishing for was a look at Camila Cabello as Cinderella, your dream has come true. The singer on Tuesday posted to social media a first look at the musical in which she takes on the iconic char...

Stuart Damon, ‘Algemene hospitaal’ and ‘Cinderella’ ster, dood by 84

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His death was confirmed to Fox News by the star's son Christopher. Damon had been struggling with renal failure for five years and "op die ou end, it was multiple complications on top of kidney challenges," Christopher ...