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Federal grand jury investigating Kansas City cop who allegedly ‘exploited and terrorizedBlack residents for decades

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Federal prosecutors in Kansas have launched a criminal grand jury investigation into a retired Kansas City police detective who is the subject of long-swirling allegations that he "exploited and terrorized" Black re...

Portland restaurant owner says city at ‘breaking pointwith property damage, abuse becoming ‘daily norm

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Murray said on "zorro & Amigos" that her restaurant only offers outdoor seating due to the pandemic, which has led to additional issues. She said people with mental illnesses often wander outside her restaurant, O ...

Former Chicago gang member calls out Mayor Lightfoot’s detachment from the city

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Keller said on "La historia" that Mayor Lori Lightfoot is detached from urban Chicago. He urged her to connect with grassroots organizations already addressing the crime which is plaguing the city. "Instead of spendi...

Miami police chief’s suspension and impending ouster came after he ‘alienated’ fuerza, city commissioner says

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Acevedo came to Miami highly touted after leading police departments in Houston and Austin, Texas. sin embargo, his short tenure was marred by a contentious relationship with city commissioners, some of whom he accused o...

Miami PD chief Art Acevedo suspended after 6 meses, city manager says ‘not the right fit’

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En una oracion, Miami City Manager Art Noriega said the relationship between the city and Acevedo had become "untenable and needed to be resolved promptly." "En particular, the relationship between the Chief and the ...

California city says possible fatalities after plane crashes into homes and delivery truck

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There are possible fatalities after a twin-engine plane crashed Monday afternoon into two homes and also struck a delivery truck, according to the California city of Santee's Twitter feed. "It is unknown at this tim...

New York City man brutally beaten outside of 7-Eleven, robbed of bike

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The violent altercation began around 1:30 soy. inside the convenience store on Lafayette Street, el Departamento de Policía de Nueva York dijo. Two males approached a 46-year-old man and began an argument with the victim, poli...

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio could owe city big bucks for NYPD security work on his 2020 presidential campaign

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's short run for president cost him politically back in 2019. Ahora, following the release of a city watchdog report, that campaign -- and its use of New York Police Department securi...

La Ciudad de Nueva York eliminará el programa escolar para estudiantes dotados y talentosos después de años de opositores que dijeron que segregaba a los estudiantes

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La ciudad de Nueva York eliminará gradualmente su controvertido programa para estudiantes superdotados y talentosos después de años de debate de que las clases exclusivas segregaban aún más a los estudiantes.. Los funcionarios de la ciudad dicen que la nueva política permitirá que todos se levanten..

El Ayuntamiento de Los Ángeles da luz verde al pasaporte de la vacuna, entre las más estrictas de EE. UU.

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El consejo votó 11-2 a favor de la ordenanza, que se espera que entre en vigor a principios de noviembre. EXPEDIENTE: Una tarjeta de registro de vacunación COVID-19 en Seton Medical Center en Daly City, Calif. (AP) Negativo c ...

Seattle ‘anti-racisttraining teaches city employees Whites are ‘oppressors

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Employees "who identify as people of color" were sent an invite to a three-hour optional training, "Internalized Racial Inferiority," in August that excluded White people. It was conducted on Sept. 3 by the city's Ra...

Street racers in Philadelphia filmed doing donuts around cop car outside City Hall, no arrests made

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The chaotic scene unfolded around midnight on Market Street near City Hall. STREET RACING SOARS AFTER ‘DEFUND POLICE’ MOVEMENT SLASHES TRAFFIC PATROLS ACROSS US Video recorded at the scene shows fireworks lighting ...

La brillantez de Salah no es suficiente mientras Liverpool empata 2-2 con la ciudad

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Un balón alto sobre la parte superior del capitán del Manchester City Kevin De Bruyne en la línea media alcanzó a Phil Foden en el flanco izquierdo. El Liverpool no pudo despejar el pase al área de Foden y De Bruyne fue pr ...

Austin City Council member sounds alarm on ‘disastrous consequencesof defunding police

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The Austin City Council voted in August 2020 to cut up to $ 150 million – roughly 34% – from the police budget. By the end of July, Austin reported that the number of homicides in 2021 had already matched the total ...

California city considering decriminalized zone for auto ‘sideshows

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The Roseland neighborhood in Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco, is proposing a city-sanctioned area where drivers can partake in sideshows in a controlled environment, the Press Democrat reported. The proposal comes...

NCAA to look into holding both Final Fours in same city

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Combining the tournaments was one of the recommendations stemming from an external review of gender equity issues of the tournaments. The report released in August was sparked by outrage at the disparities between am...

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