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Mother who lost son to NYC shooting blasts city’s soft-on-crime approach, calls for more cops on streets

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"Before my son Brendan was murdered, gun violence did not affect me," Hendricks stated. "Now that I'm living it, I just don't see and think it is right for any other parent to live this way, to feel this way, to feel...

Lawsuit filed in Florida over a mural showing city’s first Black female firefighter depicted with a White face

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The Boynton Beach City Commission will meet this week to discuss a lawsuit filed on behalf of the city's first Black female firefighter over a mural where she was inaccurately depicted with a White face. "The City...

Bronze bust of George Floyd defaced at New York City’s Union Square

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New York A bronze bust of George Floyd, part of Confront Art's "SEEINJUSTICE" exhibition, was defaced on Sunday morning, according to the New York City Police Department. The bust -- one of the three statues at Conf...

Texas city’s resources strained following Del Rio migrant surge

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One of those cities is Laredo, where Customs and Border Protection built a temporary facility to deal with the large number of illegal immigrants entering. Dit is 'n 100,000 square-foot tent meant to give CBP more space...

Witness: Taliban hang dead body in Afghan city’s main square

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Wazir Ahmad Seddiqi, who runs a pharmacy on the side of the square, told The Associated Press that four bodies were brought to the main square and three bodies were moved to other parts of the city for public display...

Multiple arrests made as fans clash around Leicester City’s Europa League match against Napoli

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Police made multiple arrests following a fight among fans at Leicester City's Europa League clash against Napoli on Thursday. Leicestershire Police confirmed nine men were arrested following an incident near the K...

Die burgemeesterswedloop in Boston vernou na Michelle Wu en Annissa Essaibi George, twee kleurvolle vroue, vir die stad se beste werk

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Boston -burgemeesterskandidate Michelle Wu en Annissa Essaibi George, beide Demokratiese stadsraadslede, gaan deur na die algemene verkiesing in November, CNN-projekte, stel 'n historiese wedstryd op wat vir die eerste keer aangebied word..

Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy charged with four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault

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Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has been charged by the Cheshire Constabulary with four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) says the alleged events took place ...

Hannity slams New York City’s vaccine passport protocol

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"Anyone that wants to dine indoors, or go to the gym or do pretty much anything inside, you will need to present documents proving that you have been vaccinated. Remember for months now Democrats insisted that all fo...

Portland sukkel om beamptes vir die eenheid vir vuurwapen te vind: Die vakbond verwerp die liberale leiers van die stad

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Die president van Portland Police Association, Daryl Turner, het aangesluit "jakkals & Vriende eers" Dinsdag, en het gepraat oor die stryd om die leemte in die polisiedepartement te vul. "Die beamptes is nie deur verkose ondersteun nie ...

CNN to air ‘WE LOVE NYC: The Homecoming Concertcelebrating city’s comeback from Covid-19

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A star-studded concert featuring a variety of artists spanning the musical and entertainment worlds will take place in New York's Central Park next month, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday, promising the event ...

Almost half of this capital city’s population may have contracted Covid-19, opname bevind

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Nearly half of Jakarta's residents may have contracted Covid-19, according to a health survey -- meer as 12 times the number of cases officially recorded in the Indonesian capital at the time when the research was...

Oom van baba wat in Chicago geskiet is, spreek die stad se massiewe misdaadpiek uit: ‘Dit voel asof niemand omgee nie’

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Tydens 'n verskyning op "America's Newsroom," Charles McKenzie, 'n gemeenskapsaktivis in Chicago, het gesê dat hoewel hy wil sien dat die president en die burgemeester van die stad optree en beleid skep om die kriminele te beperk..

CNN anchors tout ‘innovativeand ‘interestingCalifornia city’s proposed gun tax

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Maandag, CNN hosts John Avlon and Laura Jarrett discussed the San Jose's city council's decision to impose a new yearly tax on gun owners. This proposition, which was voted on unanimously, will require gun owners ...

Burgemeesterskandidaat in Seattle is byna deur diewe buite die huis geskiet, roep die stad se polisie 'mannekrag’ probleem

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Komo News het Maandag berig dat die burgemeesterskandidaat in Seattle 'n aanloop gehad het met gewapende katalysator-diewe buite sy huis.. "Ons het wel 'n mannekragprobleem. Ons het baie polisiebeamptes verloor en dit is ...

Police presence in Times Square to be beefed up after recent shootings, New York City’s mayor says

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After a shooting in Times Square this weekend, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has vowed to address safety by increasing the number of police officers patrolling the area. "We're announcing today the Times Square...

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