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‘Every day there’s irreparable harm’: Civic organizations sound alarms about impact of GOP-backed voting bills on registering new voters

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Washington, DC As voting rights groups look to register new voters on National Voter Registration Day, some organizers are sounding alarms about how new voting laws in Florida and Kansas are affecting voter registrat...

2022 Honda Civic Hatchback revealed with stick shift and sporty styling

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The all-new model will be the only Civic version available with a manual transmission, but its far from a stripped-out economy car. (Honda) Four trim levels – EX, Sport, EX-L and Sport Touring – wil...

Hertz bied 'n gratis huurdag aan om kiesers te help om hul burgerlike plig vir die verkiesingsdag uit te oefen

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Hertz help mense om by die stembus uit te kom deur 'n gratis huurdag aan te bied. Die huurmotormaatskappy skakel die program "Ry die stem." Enige kliënt wat 'n motor huur vanaf November 2 vir twee of meer dae ...

It looks like the Honda Civic Type R wants its Nurburgring record back

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A prototype for the upcoming high performance Civic Type R has been revealed ahead of development tests at Germany's Nurburgring race track. The winding 13-mile-long circuit is used by many automakers as both a testi...

Sporty 2022 Honda Civic Si revealed with this old-school feature

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Honda has revealed that the 2022 Civic Si will only be available with a six-speed manual transmission that highlights its sporty nature, as was the case with the previous generation. (Honda) The fro...