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Pentagon onseker of honderdduisende burgerlike werknemers ingeënt word soos die sperdatum nader

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Washington Die Pentagon is in die duister oor die entstofstatus van honderde duisende van sy burgerlike werknemers net weke voor die sperdatum om sy arbeidsmag ten volle teen Covid-19 in te ent. Die Pentagon het m...

Ukraine says some civilian evacuations halted, accuses Russia of breaking ceasefire agreement

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Officials said the evacuation had stopped after Russians continued to open fire on the city of Mariupol, which is a port city in the southeast of the besieged country. Russian officials had previously agreed to evacu...

Pentagon holds first meeting about compensation payment with employer of Afghan civilian killed in US drone strike

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A senior Pentagon official held a virtual meeting about a potential compensation payment for the family of Zamarai Ahmadi, an Afghan civilian who was one of 10 people killed in a US drone strike in late August, Pent...

US and coalition forces could have done more to decrease civilian harm in 2017 battle for Raqqa, Sirië, think tank report finds

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Washington US and coalition forces that fought in Syria in 2017 to recapture the city of Raqqa from ISIS could have done more to decrease harm done to civilians living in the city during the months-long battle, a thi...

Pompeo says Wuhan lab was engaged in military activity alongside civilian research

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"What I can say for sure is this: we know that they were engaged in efforts connected to the People's Liberation Army inside of that laboratory, so military activity being performed alongside what they claimed was ju...

Russian missile strikes Ukrainian civilian oil depot south of Kyiv, amptenaar sê

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"A missile attack launched on the oil depot in Vasilkov near Kyiv," Ukrainian MP Anna Purtova told Fox News around 2 am. in the region. Video RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE: LIVE UPDATES She described it as an "ecologica...

Sy. John Barrasso: Biden’s ‘civilian climate corpswith hefty price tag still priority in spending spree

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At the end of August, daar was 10.4 million job openings. Intussen, eight million Americans are unemployed. President Biden’s priority should be encouraging these workers to rejoin the labor force and grow the nat...

Civilian casualties in Ukraine surpass 7K under Russian invasion: UN report

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The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) opgeneem 7,061 civilian casualties since the onslaught of the invasion on Feb. 24 – a jump from the 6,802 civilian casualties last reported over the wee...

Oekraïne: Meer as 900 civilian bodies found in Kyiv region, sê die polisie

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The jarring number emerged shortly after Russia’s Defense Ministry promised to step up missile attacks on Kyiv in response to Ukraine’s alleged assaults on Russian territory. That ominous warning followed the stunnin...

Civilian hiding in bomb shelter says Russians soldiers are getting ‘clobbered

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"I can tell you that I am here with an awful lot – a group of really angry people. They believe that if he occupies the country, then he has another thing coming for him. Blykbaar, according to official stats, daar...

Milley’s China scandal indicative of civilian oversight of the military becoming ‘abuse’: Kol. Macgregor

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Macgregor told Fox Nation's "Tucker Carlson Vandag" that while civilian control of the United States military is sound policy and tradition, over time those civilians in charge of the military have increasingly sought...

Baltimore aims to be one of the first cities to address police staffing shortages by hiring civilian investigators

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The Baltimore Police Department is planning to become one of the first law enforcement agencies in the country to hire civilians as investigators in its detective force as it continues to face staffing shortages ami...

NY attorney general will decide when to release body camera video in police officer-involved civilian deaths

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New York Attorney General Letitia James said Sunday that her office will now decide when to publicly release body camera footage of police-involved deaths of unarmed civilians to avoid a repeat of what happened in t...

Demokrate sê 'n burgerlike klimaatkorps sal werk skep. Hier is hoe dit kan werk.

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Toe hy hierdie somer met goewerneurs vergader uit Westerse state wat deur veldbrande en droogte gebuk gegaan het, President Joe Biden beklemtoon een manier om die klimaatkrisis aan te pak wat verder gaan as meer geld vir brandbestryding in die lug..

Defense Dept. failing to track and prevent sexual harassment and assault of civilian workforce, watchdog warns

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The Department of Defense has failed to adequately track and prevent cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault involving its civilian workforce, the Government Accountability Office is warning in a new report, d ...

Groot skares marsjeer in Soedan ter ondersteuning van burgerlike bewind

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Khartoem, Soedan Menigte Soedanese betogers het Donderdag die strate ingevaar om hul steun vir burgerlike heerskappy binne die land se magsdelingsregering uit te spreek.. Betogers het deur die strate van die ...

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