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Trump tells his supporters to become poll watchers with a baseless claim about fraud at voting locations

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Washington President Donald Trump on Tuesday launched a new baseless accusation on how he believes Democrats will attempt to commit fraud during the presidential election, this time telling North Carolina rallygoers ...

セルティックス’ Danny Ainge ‘never heardracism claim from Kyrie Irving before

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Danny Ainge, the Celtics’ general manager and president of basketball operations who played more than seven years in Boston, said Thursday he never heard any racism allegations coming from a Celtics player. 彼女をクリックしてください。.


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フレデリック・ジャクソン, 19, とアンソニージェンキンス, 21, 別々の警察のインタビューで、エベレット・ブリスコ刑事が逃走車に乗っていたと言った, 41, 8月に致命的な銃撃を受け、DyrinRiculfyが負傷した. 2...

パン焼き, 新鮮なイチゴがNASAの深宇宙食チャレンジでトップの座を獲得

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CNNのワンダーセオリーサイエンスニュースレターにサインアップする. 魅力的な発見に関するニュースで宇宙を探索, 科学的進歩など. A dinner of Mars-grown vegetables, bread baked on a shuttle, and inse...

Man dies after police kneel on his neck for nearly 5 分, family says in wrongful death claim

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A 30-year-old Northern California man undergoing a mental health episode died days after police officers kneeled on the back of his neck for nearly five minutes to subdue him, lawyers for his family said. Angelo Qui...

Sean Duffy blasts Jen Psaki’s ‘laughableclaim about GOP defunding police

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PSAKI CASTS GOP AS PARTY OF 'DEFUND THE POLICE' AFTER SLOGAN BACKFIRES ON DEMOCRATS SEAN DUFFY: This is laughable, if it wasn't so serious. … We all know, everyone watching the news knows this has been the Democrat m...

Border Patrol Council VPは、メディアによるエージェントの「むち打ち」の主張を後押しします。’ 移民

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MAYORKASは、ART DELCUETOを越えた移民の流れにより国境が閉鎖されると主張している: 彼らは誰も鞭打ちしていませんでした. 彼らは鞭を持っていません. 彼らは鞭を割り当てられません. 彼らがしているのは、示されているトレーニングテクニックです。.

CNN’s John Harwood defends Biden after claim there is ‘no federal solutionto solve COVID

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Biden initially took part in a conference with several state governors on Monday to discuss new ways to combat growing cases of the coronavirus due to the omicron variant. After speaking with Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchi...

議会の野球シューターの手紙は「警官による自殺」の主張をへこませます: 「私は人生が悪いとは決して言いませんでした,’ GOPポリシーのみ

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66歳の彼は地元の新聞にもたくさんの手紙を書いた, ベルビルニュース-民主党, 保守派の爆破とその間の政策 2008 そして 2012. 彼は当時のバラク・オバマ大統領を愛したと書いた。.

グリーンウォルド: WH and Big Tech ‘ironicallycreating textbook ‘definition of fascismthey claim to be against

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グリーンウォルド, who notably broke the Edward Snowden-NSA civilian surveillance story, 言った "フォックスニュースプライムタイム" that the apparent merger between large private business firms and a powerful federal government is a "classic...

グレン・ヨンキン, Jewish leader dismiss Dem’s ‘ridiculousclaim that criticizing Soros is ‘antisemitic

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"I call it out in my own party and I’m calling it out now," Luria declared on Twitter. "Evoking George Soros as a shadowy funder is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. This is an unacceptable statement from Glenn Youn...

Ministries and photographer claim Virginia LGBTQ rights law forces them to ‘violatetheir beliefs

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A Christian conservative legal group has filed lawsuits on behalf of nonprofit ministries and a photographer, saying a new Virginia law offering LGBTQ protections forces them to "abandon" their beliefs. The Virgini...

Kyle Larson wins NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 to claim all-time record for Hendrick Motorsports

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Larson started from pole position and swept all four stages in the 600-mile race on his way to a 10-second margin of victory over teammate Chase Elliott. "it was great to be the guy to help Mr. H break that record fi...

Americans left behind in Afghanistan despite Psaki claim it was ‘irresponsibleto say some are ‘stranded

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"I think it’s irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not," Psaki said during a press briefing last week. "We are committed to bringing Americans, who want to come home, 家. We are in touch with them ...

MSNBCは、リッテンハウスの陪審員に連絡することを意図したスタッフを拒否します, 彼が「指示された」という裁判官の主張と矛盾する

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NBCニュースがフォックスニュースデジタルに語った間、その男は確かにフリーランスのMSNBC従業員でした, それは彼が爆発事件で陪審員を写真に撮ったり連絡したりするつもりだったことを否定した. "昨夜, フリーランサーがトラフィックを受信しました。.

Why Republicans can claim to be the party of the White working class

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Iowa Democrat Rita Hart decided this week to withdraw her challenge to her defeat in Iowa's 2nd Congressional District last year. Her six-vote loss to Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks capped off a successful...

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