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Twitter is on the verge of claiming its first Cabinet nominee

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A Cabinet nominee not making it to the finish line is a story as old as Washington. In die verlede, nominees have been forced to withdraw because of things like hiring undocumented workers or a questionable business de...

ICE takes one person into custody as authorities search for trailer after 911 oproepe van mense wat beweer dat hulle binne is

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Authorities looking into a suspected human smuggling event after panicked callers to 911 reported being inside a tanker trailer in Texas have taken one person into custody. According to a statement from a US Immigr...

Texas-owerhede soek na 'n tenkwa na hartverskeuring 911 oproepe van mense wat beweer dat hulle binne is

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Texas-owerhede is op soek na 'n wit tenkwa nadat hulle verontrus het 911 oproepe waarin mense in Spaans om hulp gepleit en beweer het dat hulle in die voertuig was, CNAB filiaal KABB berig. "Dit is hartseer ...

Missouri state lawmaker charged with selling fake stem cell treatments and claiming they are a cure for Covid-19

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A newly elected Missouri state representative and assistant physician faces charges for allegedly running a fraud scheme in her three clinics and providing prescription drugs illegally, according to federal prosecut...

Staatsekretaris van Michigan sê gewapende betogers het buite haar huis bymekaargekom, aanspraak maak op kiesersbedrog

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Jocelyn Benson, minister van buitelandse sake in Michigan, het gesê tientalle gewapende betogers het buite haar huis in Detroit byeengekom, skreeu en skreeu obseniteite oor die omverwerping van die resultate van die 2020 presidentsverkiesing. Benso ...

James ‘WhiteyBulger’s family sues US prison staff, claiming mobster was ‘deliberately sent to his death

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The family of notorious mobster James "Whitey" Bulger has filed a lawsuit accusing 30 Federal Bureau of Prisons employees of "intentional or deliberately indifferent" actions leading to his violent death at the hand...

The Zogg Fire is fully contained after claiming 4 lives and scorching more than 50,000 hektaar

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The devastating Zogg Fire, which killed four people and scorched more than 50,000 acres in Northern California's Shasta County, has been fully contained, according to a news release issued by Cal Fire Tuesday. "Ful...

Feitekontrole: RNC and Trump campaign robocalls urge Republicans to vote absentee by falsely claiming Democrats oppose it

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Robocalls sent by Trump surrogates Kimberly Guilfoyle and the President's daughter-in-law Lara Trump are encouraging Republican voters to use absentee ballots to vote in November, calling them one of the "best ways"...