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The ‘urban mythbehind the GOP claims of voter fraud

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The Supreme Court's rejection last week of the lawsuit from Texas and 18 other Republican-led states effectively ended the legal efforts by President Donald Trump and his allies to overturn his election defeat. Maar ...

Abbott: Biden administration ‘doing absolutely nothingabout child sex assault claims at migrant facility

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ABBOTT: Yesterday two state agencies in Texas, the Health and Human Services Commission, as well as the child protection agency, they each separately received complaints that included allegations about the sexual ass...

Demokrate en gewone media smeer Republikeine met valse bewerings van samespanning in Rusland, weer

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PETE HEGSETH: Daar is 'n term vir die tipe persoon wat misdadigers gebruik ... Om hul vuil werk te doen. "die nuttige idioot." Om as 'n nuttige idioot te kwalifiseer, jy moet maklik oortuig kan word. Jy kan nie baie vrae vra nie ...

Dozens of sunscreens have cancer-causing chemical, lab claims

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The lab, Valisure, checks medications and health care products for quality. Onlangs, the company tested nearly 300 sunscreen products and found that 27% contained benzene, volgens 'n verklaring van die maatskappy. ...

Prins Harry, Prins William het 'gesprekke gevoer’ maar ‘dinge is nog steeds baie gespanne,Se pel beweer

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"Daar is ná Lili se geboorte gesprekke gevoer en om planne te maak vir volgende week, maar dinge is nog steeds baie gespanne," het 'n gemeenskaplike vriend van die broers Dinsdag aan die koninklike korrespondent van Vanity Fair, Katie Nicholl, gesê. ...

ISIS claims responsibility for Iraq blast that left dozens dead

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ISIS have claimed responsibility for an explosion that ripped through a busy market in the Iraqi capital on Monday, doodmaak ten minste 27 people and wounding 32. Children and women were among the dead and wounded, akk ...

Biden claims ‘no questionAmerican credibility hasn’t suffered, 2 days after UK Parliament condemnation

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Biden delivered a speech from the White House Friday defending his decision to remove troops from Afghanistan and attempting to reassure allies around the world that America still has foreign policy credibility. "Ek ...

Britney Spears’ former security staffer claims her bedroom was bugged with audio recording device

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Die "New York Times Presents: Controlling Britney Spears" documentary aired on Friday on FX and Hulu. Die dokumentêr, directed by Samantha Stark and produced by Liz Day, is a follow-up to "Omraam van Britney Spears" wh ...

Washington Post fact-checker admits he repeatedly punted McAuliffe’s COVID claims that got ‘Four Pinocchios

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Kessler repeatedly noted his newspaper had passed on fact-checking McAuliffe's false numbers on coronavirus, but he finally gave McAuliffe "four Pinocchios" on Tuesday for inflating the number of COVID cases in Virgi...

Julianna Peña stop Nunes, eis gordel in UFC 269 skokker

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Een van die grootste ontsteltenisse in die UFC-geskiedenis was dalk 'n verrassing in die oomblik vir Peña, maar sy het nooit opgehou glo dat sy die byna onmoontlike kan doen nie. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "Almal...

saam met talle lede van Hefner se personeel en binnekring

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Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak&E se dokumente "Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak" Die eis is Maandagaand tydens die première van A gemaak.

Cowboys reach $2.4M settlement with four cheerleaders over claims team executive secretly filmed them: verslag doen

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One of the four members of the famous cheer squad involved in the settlement alleged she saw Richard Dalrymple, the senior vice president for public relations and communications, stand hidden in a locker room with hi...

Biden: US to continue giving Ukraine ‘capacity to defenditself as Russia claims troop withdrawal from Kyiv

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Die president, during a joint press conference at the White House Tuesday with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, was asked about Russia’s announcement that it would "fundamentally scale back" its military ope...

Melissa Lucio was sentenced to death. Courts will now look at these 4 claims to decide if she gets a new trial

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Fourteen years after she was sent to Texas' death row, Melissa's Lucio will finally get the chance to have new evidence of her innocence claims examined in state court. Lucio, 53, was set to be executed Wednesday f...

Johnny Depp’s attorneys are taking a ‘victory lap’ following the verdict, Amber Heard’s spokesperson claims

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Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew, Depp’s attorneys, will conduct interviews on "Goeie more Amerika" en die "Vandag" show on Wednesday, and a spokesperson for Heard has called the recent appearances a "victory lap." "Dit...

Nepal’s Finance Minister resigns amid claims ‘unauthorised personschanged state budget

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Nepal's Finance Minister Janardan Sharma resigned on Wednesday after the parliamentary speaker ordered an investigation into allegations of unauthorised changes in the state budget. His resignation comes as Nepal fac...

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