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The Black birdwatcher who recorded a viral clash with a White woman in New York’s Central Park will host his own National Geographic show

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Birdwatcher Christian Cooper was thrust into the spotlight in 2020 when he filmed a racially charged encounter with a White woman in New York's Central Park. Next year he'll be back on television on his own terms: T ...

Three-way Oz-Barnette-McCormick clash for GOP Senate nomination on eve of Pennsylvania primary

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"I believe I'd be a great senator fighting for you," McCormick told supporters on Monday morning, in the first of three primary eve campaign events across the Keystone State. "I need you to go tell 10 people… this is...

Die Engele: Ten minste 1 police officer injured during clash with abortion rights protesters

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Photos and videos online show officers mostly monitoring the crowd, which grew from a peaceful gathering of about 30 people outside the federal courthouse building to over 250 people flooding the streets and blocking...

Kemp and Perdue clash over 2020 election results at Georgia GOP governor’s debate

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Washington Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and former Sen. David Perdue clashed over the results of the 2020 election during the state's GOP governor's debate Sunday night, blaming each other for Democratic gains in the last...

Geopolitical foes Iran and U.S. to clash again at World Cup

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(Reuters)Na meer as 40 years of sour relations and months of struggle to restore a nuclear deal, the United States and Iran are now set to meet on the soccer field at this year's World Cup, having landed togeth...

Avalanche beat Flames in clash of West leaders

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"Gutsy win by our group," Avalanche coach Jared Bednar said. "I thought our team was highly committed on the defensive side of things. "Power play steps up at the end gets us a big win." Central Division-leading...

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov issues chilling warning about ‘direct clashwith NATO

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"Sending NATO peacekeepers to Ukraine would lead to a direct clash between the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the alliance," Lavrov said Wednesday morning, according to the Russian state-news agency TASS....

‘Kyiv Calling:’ Ukrainian punk band makes The Clash classic an anti-Russia anthem

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A Ukrainian punk band has released an anti-war spin on The Clash's hit song "London Calling," with the blessing of the English band itself. The cover, which describes Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion, is ...

Georgia GOP gubernatorial clash: Perdue goes to CPAC to make case to Trump voters

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And in an interview with Fox News Digital on the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Perdue also targeted GOP Gov. Brian Kemp, whom Perdue is challenging in Georgia’s May 24 primêre. "Reeds ...

Pennsylvania Senate clash: Bartos showcases ‘strongest grassroots army’ in GOP primary race

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"I’ve been working for five years around the state," the real estate developer, philanthropist and the 2018 Republican nominee for lieutenant governor told Fox News Digital in an interview in Orlando at the Conservat...

A dangerous ice storm is developing as cold and warm temperatures clash

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As the second storm of the week sweeps across the US, clashing temperatures will cause dangerous winter weather to emerge across the country, with ice becoming a concern. It might seem like déjà vu in regard to a s...

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Canadian ‘freedom convoyprotesters clash with police in Ottawa; verby 100 gearresteer

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Authorities also removed 21 vehicles in Canada's capital on Friday night as protesters refused to vacate certain areas surrounding Parliament Hill and appeared to clash with police in videos posted online. "You must ...

NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum was a TV ratings smash

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Along with a nearly full house of over 50,000 fans in attendance on Sunday, about two-thirds of whom had never been to a NASCAR race before, the event pulled in 4.28 million viewers on Fox. Joey Logano won ...

Joey Logano wins NASCAR’s Clash at the L.A. NASCAR maak historiese verandering aan Martinsville-ren

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The Team Penske driver won the first NASCAR Clash race ever held inside the iconic stadium and also claimed the inaugural victory for NASCAR's new Next Gen Cup Series car. The 150-lap exhibition race took place on a ...

FOX Bet Super 6: NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum kies om te wen $10,000

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Die naweek, die Bekerreeks sal sy afskop 2022 seisoen by die Los Angeles Coliseum, die tuiste van Olimpiese Spele, Super Bowls, politieke konvensies en nou, die Clash at the Colosseum-uitstallingswedren. En te midde van al die eks...

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