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Ten minste 125 dead as rival groups clash in Sudan’s West Darfur, medical group says

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Clashes between rival groups have so far claimed at least 125 lives and left 208 others injured in the volatile west Darfur region of Sudan, according to the Western Darfur State Doctors Committee. The violence h...

Meer as 50 dead as rival groups clash in Sudan’s West Darfur, medics say

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Clashes between rival groups have claimed more than 50 lives in the city of El Geneina in the volatile west Darfur region of Sudan, according to Sudanese medical groups. The Western Darfur State Doctors Committee re...

Ten minste 22 Indian security personnel killed in clash with Maoist insurgents

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Ten minste 22 members of Indian security forces were killed and 31 injured on Sunday during a four-hour gun battle with Maoist insurgents, amptenare gesê. Security forces in the central state of Chhattisgarh were cond...

Extraordinary diplomatic clash signals tough times ahead for the US and China

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Washington Chinese officials dismissed Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan as "condescending." An unnamed US official said the Chinese were "grandstanding." And with that, 'n ...

Republicans clash with Biden DOJ nominee Vanita Gupta

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Senate Republicans took aim at associate attorney general nominee Vanita Gupta's past tweets at a contentious confirmation hearing Tuesday, where Gupta was pressed on her previous comments and whether she supports d...

At least six arrested as ‘Stop the Stealprotesters and counter-protesters clash in Washington, DC

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Police have arrested at least six people so far during post-election protests on Saturday in Washington, DC Saturday, according to the DC Metropolitan Police Department's public affairs office. Members of the Pro...

Tensions over eviction of Black-Indigenous family in Portland reach boiling point as protesters clash with police

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A small red house on North Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon, has become a focal point in the city's struggle with the issues of race, predatory lending and gentrification. Die "Red House," as it is known, het ...

Brittanje se 'Wag Wars’ die hooggeregshof bereik, as sokkerspelers’ vrouens bots oor 'uitgelek’ stories

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Londen 'n Bekende openbare spoeg tussen sokkerspelersvroue Coleen Rooney en Rebekah Vardy het Donderdag die hooggeregshof in Brittanje bereik, toe lasterprosedures begin het in die celebrity-sage oor uitgelekte poniekoerant..

Tientalle gewonde in Peru as betogers en polisie bots te midde van politieke krisis

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Ten minste 27 mense is gewond in botsings tussen polisie en betogers toe duisende Peruaanse mense die strate ingevaar het om te betoog teen die afdanking van president Martin Vizcarra, polisie en regte groepe ...

Trump allies clash with top intelligence officials in quest to declassify more Russia documents

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As President Donald Trump and his allies continue to publicly dispute the outcome of the election, they are also quietly seeking to discredit the Russia investigation that has cast a dark cloud over the administrati...

Protesters clash with police in northern Italy as anger mounts over Covid-19 restrictions

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Rome Protesters have clashed with police in northern Italy, as demonstrations erupted across the country Monday night over government restrictions aimed at quelling a second wave of Covid-19. In Turin, dozens were w...

Trump-ondersteuners en teenprotesteerders bots tydens 'n betoging in NYC

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Botsings het Sondag uitgebreek tussen ondersteuners van president Donald Trump wat in New York in 'n karavaan motors gery het en anti-Trump betogers. Speurder Martin Brown Lee, 'n woordvoerder van die New Yo ...

Witnesses set to clash over Barrett’s confirmation during final Judiciary Committee hearing

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Washington Witnesses are expected to offer competing arguments over the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court during the Senate Judiciary Committee's final hearing Thursday, as Republicans continue t...

Central Park birder who recorded viral clash with White woman has turned that experience into a graphic novel

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Christian Cooper, the Black man who filmed a White woman calling the police on him while he was bird watching in Central Park earlier this year, has written a comic book partially inspired by his experiences. The co...