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Satellite images suggest China may have developed new class of nuclear-powered submarine

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The images clearly show a submarine in dry dock, but shrouds over key areas of the vessel make it difficult to determine whether it is an entirely new class of ship or merely an upgrade to an existing model, accordin ...

La roccia & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2022 includes Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie and Pat Benatar

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Bene, hello Dolly. La roccia & Roll Hall of Fame 2022 inductees were announced Wednesday, and despite initially opting to "respectfully bow out" of the nomination process, Dolly Parton is part of this year's dive...

Victor Davis Hanson rips the Democratic Party: They’re the party of the ‘elitewho despise the middle class

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Loro hanno detto. "Bene, we don't have the people, but we have the institutions, corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, K-12 academia. Così, we can influence opinion without having a majority ...

Byron York: Democrat Party alienated the White working class

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BYRON YORK: I think one of the problems with Democrats is that they have alienated their old traditional, working class, white working class base. Depending on highly educated, big city dwellers, e adesso, that makes ...

A California mother seeks accountability after her daughter’s preschool teacher led her class in an anti-Biden chant

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A California mother is asking for accountability after she received a video last month showing her child's preschool teacher leading her class in a political chant against President Joe Biden. The video was taken by...

Tiger Woods headlines induction class for World Golf Hall of Fame

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Except for Tiger Woods. There was nothing to say that hasn’t been seen or at least talked about. There was no debate. His election was unanimous. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . Jon Rahm wasn’t part of th...

Tucker: Biden’s response to the Russia-Ukraine war further proves he hates the middle class

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In questo caso, Biden told us it was about Vladimir Putin. Biden explained that we're going to hurt Putin by making it illegal for Americans to buy Russian energy. Questo, Egli ha detto, will amount to a massive moral victory ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flies first class from Texas

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Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ditched the commoners in coach and cozied up to elites in first class on an American Airlines flight, avoiding the left wing altogether for a spacious seat closer to the cockpi...

Gutfeld: The overeducated are inciting ‘class warfare

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"How to Be a Journalist," with your host Brad Pitt. So let's start with a story you weren't hearing much about because it involves a group the media loves: La vita nera è importante. One of their activists, Quintez Brown...

Tucker Carlson: What does Joe Biden’s ‘Russia is Badclass teach?

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You may have asked yourself: When will Joe Biden ever stop talking about Russia? Will very soon, in realtà. Infatti, he seems to be losing his train of thought right now. But don't worry, he'll be back to it. Russia i...

The electric Ram pickup will have this ‘class shattering’ caratteristica

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During the launch of the Ram Revolution consumer outreach campaign that will lead up to the introduction of the battery-powered truck, Ram CEO Mike Koval told EV Pulse that there will be a version with a range extend...

Tucker Carlson: Canada’s working class has finally rebelled, and they are succeeding

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Someone at the DNC must have seen terrifying public opinion numbers and decided to abandon "Project Quarantine" before the midterm elections. That made sense to us. We explain that theory on the show last night. We s...

Tony Boselli leads class of 8 Pro Football Hall of Famers

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In a year with no sure-fire first-ballot candidates, the panel of voters opted to choose five players who have waited years — or even decades — for the honor with offensive lineman Tony Boselli, linebacker Sam Mills,...

che crede siano il risultato di mandati di maschere all'interno della scuola

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che crede siano il risultato di mandati di maschere all'interno della scuola. J.B. che crede siano il risultato di mandati di maschere all'interno della scuola.

The unvaccinated should be a ‘protected classargues ‘Convoy to DC 2022’ cofondatore

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BRIAN BRASE: The funny thing about it is, sai, people want to spin this that if you're if you're anti-vax, you're an evil human being. Or to say Patriot is like a taboo word these days, per qualche ragione, I have n...

CLASS POLL: Should Biden run for reelection in 2024?

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BIDEN SAYS 2024 REELECTION RUN DEPENDS ON HIS HEALTH Biden was asked in December whether he planned to run for reelection. The president told ABC News anchor David Muir: "If I'm in the health I'm in now—if I'm in goo...