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New horse racing chief calls sport’s clean-up ‘steep climb

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In his first public comments since being appointed chairman of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority’s board, Charlie Scheeler said Wednesday that Medina Spirit’s case is instructive for how the sport should...

More rain ahead for Texas as cleanup begins after flooding emergency hits Gulf Coast

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While Tropical Storm Elsa was dumping heavy rain on Florida on Wednesday, Texas was dealing with its own flooding crisis. A flash flood emergency was issued for Rockport and Fulton, Texas, on Wednesday afternoon aft...

After Ida soaks Northeast, cleanup and mourning continue

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Por lo menos 46 people in five states died as storm water cascaded into people’s homes and engulfed automobiles, overwhelming urban drainage systems never meant to handle so much rain in such a short time. IDA REMNANTS B...

[object Window]: White House plays clean-up after Biden says ‘no one expectedsanctions ‘to prevent anything

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White House deputy national security adviser Daleep Singh told reporters said that had the Biden administration "unleashed our entire package of financial sanctions preemptively," Putin still likely would have invade...

Brian Kilmeade: Psaki plays ‘clean-upafter Biden’s ‘high-stakescall with China

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BRIAN KILMEADE: President Biden held what was billed as a high-stakes call about 9 soy. eastern with President Xi of China, the topic, oh I don't know, determining what role China was playing in back-filling Russia d...

John James blasts Biden’s Taiwan-China gaffe: ‘Cleanup on aisle 3 cotidiano’

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The Republican joined "zorro & Amigos" to discuss his campaign and the need for Biden to face the issues affecting Americans before turning his attention abroad. James is running for the Republican nomination in ...