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Ons stuurder het 'n hele rukkie by hom op die lyn gebly, ons het probeer vasstel wat aangaan

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Ons stuurder het 'n hele rukkie by hom op die lyn gebly, ons het probeer vasstel wat aangaan, Colorado, Ons stuurder het 'n hele rukkie by hom op die lyn gebly, ons het probeer vasstel wat aangaan, Ons stuurder het 'n hele rukkie by hom op die lyn gebly, ons het probeer vasstel wat aangaan. Ons stuurder het 'n hele rukkie by hom op die lyn gebly, ons het probeer vasstel wat aangaan.

Florida teen on the run after shooting store clerk over bag of chips, sê die polisie

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Die skietery het rondom gebeur 1 nm. at the Friendly Way Convenience Store on Florida Avenue in DeLand, polisie gesê. ALABAMA CONVICTED MURDERER ON THE RUN AFTER ESCAPING WORK DETAIL The suspect, identified as 17-year...

SCOTUS draft leak likely a liberal clerk seeking to stop an overturn of Roe v. Wade: Dershowitz

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The leaked draft, written in February, was reportedly crafted by George W. Bush-appointed Justice Sam Alito. Dershowitz, a longtime Harvard Law professor, said he strongly opposes overturning the 1973 uitspraak, but emp...

Florida gas station clerk rescues bloodied, kidnapped woman, had to ‘get her safe into the store with me

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Rachel Craddock told FOX Tampa Bay that she was working on Sunday afternoon when a man accused of beating and forcing a woman inside a vehicle stopped at the Citgo gas station in Inverness, geleë 76 miles north of ...

Former Clinton aide wonders if ‘brave clerkleaked Supreme Court draft to push justices to reconsider

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"Is a brave clerk taking this unprecedented step of leaking a draft opinion to warn the country what's coming in a last-ditch Hail Mary attempt to see if the public response might cause the court to reconsider?" DEMO...

Virginia 7-Eleven-klerk skiet, vermoor die man tydens 'n beweerde poging tot roof, sê die polisie

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Die polisie in Norfolk het Maandag om middernag 'n verslag ontvang van 'n persoon wat by die 7-Eleven-winkel in Colleylaan geskiet is. Beamptes het geantwoord op die 28-jarige Javier Garcia wat aan 'n "lewensgevaarlik"...

Sy. Hawley, former Supreme Court clerk, calls abortion a ‘religion for the far left

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Hawley, who clerked for Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., told Fox News on Tuesday that the left is willing to defend their "godsdiens" to the hilt and foist it upon everyone who conversely believes in the sanctity of l...

German gas station clerk murdered after refusing service to man who wouldn’t wear COVID mask

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Authorities said that the shooter, a 49-year-old German man, told officers he acted "out of anger" after the 20-year-old clerk would not let him buy a beer. "He further stated during interrogation that he rejected th...

Sien die video: Die Houston-polisie jag verdagte wat winkelklerk in die gesig geskiet het

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Grafiese toesigmateriaal van rondom 9:30 nm. Maandag wys hoe die verdagte die geriefswinkel binnegaan en oor die toonbank leun. ‘ONTSTELDE’ LOODGIETERS WAT KONTANT BY JOEL OSTEEN SE LAKEWOOD KERK GEVIND HET KRY UITEINDELIK R...

Virginia man arrested in ‘abduction’ of missing store clerk Ahreal Smith last seen taking out trash after work

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Ahreal Smith was last seen on surveillance video taken at the Claraville Little Sue store in Heathsville on Jan. 12. She grabbed a bag of trash and headed toward the dumpster after closing shop. Authorities are now d...

Georgia woman allegedly stole lottery tickets from clerk who had just been fatally shot in robbery: polisie

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Lakiesha McGhee, who was originally a victim of the robbery, was arrested about a week after the incident and charged with theft and tampering with evidence. The three suspects entered the J&versterker;J Doll...

Philadelphia store clerk allegedly shot during armed robbery returns fire: ‘Brave, young woman

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The shootout unfolded just before 4 am. in a convenience store on the 5500 block of Torresdale Avenue in the city’s Wissinoming neighborhood, die Philadelphia-polisiedepartement gesê. PHILADELPHIA COP SPEAKS OUT AFTE...

Escaped inmates robbed store, tied up clerk, stole his car, then died in crash after high-speed chase: polisie

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The two escapees were both pronounced deceased following the crash. A third inmate who escaped, Johnny Shane Brown, is still at large, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. All three men escaped from...