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Common COVID-19 antibiotic flops in clinical trial: Experts weigh in

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Findings from researchers affiliated with University of California San Francisco published in JAMA Network on July 16 analyzed 263 COVID-19 outpatients, 171 of whom were treated with a single 1.2-g oral dose of the a...

Germany’s CureVac COVID-19 vaccine flops in clinical trial

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"In the unprecedented context of at least 13 variants circulating within the study population subset assessed at this interim analysis, CVnCoV demonstrated an interim vaccine efficacy of 47% against COVID-19 disease ...

Canadian clinical psychologist tells Tucker why he believes Americans are resilient

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In a new episode of Fox Nation’s "Tucker Carlson Vandag," the doctor explained that although historically American institutions have shown flaws, the movement for "revolutionary" change is counterproductive. "Regards ...