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Vernon Jordan, burgerregte leier en noue bondgenoot van Bill Clinton, sterf

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Washington Vernon Jordanië, 'n burgerregte leier en noue adviseur van oudpresident Bill Clinton, Maandagaand oorlede, verskeie bronne na aan die gesin vertel CNN. Hy was 85. Die voormalige president van die National ...

Hillary Clinton, AOC back dueling candidates in Ohio special election

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Clinton on Wednesday endorsed Cuyahoga County Council member Shontel Brown to represent Ohio's 11th Congressional District. "I'm proud to endorse [Bruin] for Congress in the OH special election," Fox is desperaat besig om 'n vals skandaal te skep om sy aandag van sy regte skandaal af te lei. "Sh ...

Victor Davis Hanson: How did the Democratic Party of JFK, Bill Clinton turn into a woke neo-Maoist movement?

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The left, often on spec, blasted the wealthy, whether the "lucre" was self-made or inherited. The old-money rich were lampooned as idle drones. If the rich were self-made, they were deemed sellouts. A good example wa...

Trump’s intel chief declassifies unverified Russian intelligence about Clinton campaign

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Washington The top US intelligence official released information Tuesday about unverified Russian intelligence about Hillary Clinton that will likely fuel President Donald Trump's attacks on the Russia investigation ...

Author claims husband had affair with Monica Lewinsky prior to Clinton

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Ja, that Monica. "I had suspected my then-husband was having an affair with a co-worker," Nason told The Post. "I confronted him about it and he was gaslighting me," sy het gese. The co-worker showed up to their home ...

Who is Michael Sussmann, Clinton campaign attorney indicted in Durham probe?

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The indictment alleges that the cybersecurity attorney, who until this week was a partner at Perkins Coie – and previously worked for the Justice Department – falsely stated that he was not working "for any client" w ...

'Agreg: Amerikaanse misdaadverhaal’ ontleed die Clinton-skandaal met Monica Lewinsky se insette

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Die "Amerikaanse misdaadverhaal" banier wat deur O.J. Simpson se verhoor is 'n vreemde een vir FX's "Beskuldiging," 'n andersins boeiende, onteenseglik sappige beperkte reeks wat die vroue voor en middel in die Bill Clin plaas..

Former President Bill Clinton recovering in California hospital after non-COVID infection worsens

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"Dinsdagaand, President Clinton was admitted to UCI Medical Center to receive treatment for a non-Covid-related infection," Clinton's spokesman, Angel Urena, said in a statement on Thursday evening. "He is on ...

As Louie Gohmert reg is, ons het moontlik presidente Al Gore en Hillary Clinton gehad

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Elie Honig is 'n regsontleder van CNN en voormalige federale en staatsaanklaer. Die menings wat in hierdie kommentaar uitgespreek word, is sy eie. Lees meer mening oor CNN. Kyk hoe Honig lesers se vrae beantwoord "CNN Newsroom met Ana ...

Hillary Clinton says she is an Electoral College elector in New York

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Washington Hillary Clinton said Tuesday she is one of the 538 electors in the Electoral College. "I'm an elector in New York," die 2016 Democratic nominee told SiriusXM's "Signal Boost." "I'm sure I'll get to vote fo...

President Clinton is expected to be discharged Sunday, spokesperson says

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Former President Bill Clinton will remain at University of California Irvine Medical Center in Orange, Kalifornië, for at least one more night, and is expected to be discharged Sunday, his spokesperson Angel Ureña s...

Bill Clinton has a history of serious health issues

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It's not the first time he has faced a life-threatening medical issue. The former president has a history of heart-related health issues, including quadruple bypass heart surgery in 2004, waar 90% of his arteries we...

Hillary Clinton signals break from Biden over US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: verslag doen

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Speaking during a Zoom call this week with the House Foreign Affairs Committee, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice echoed Clinton’s concerns, adding that she believed the U.S. may need to go back, volgens t ...

Judge Jeanine questions why Hillary Clinton ‘keeps bringing up bogus reasons why she lost

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REGTER JEANINE: This country is going to hell in a handbasket, and you know it. America today is a land of total chaos and confusion. Career criminals roam freely among us. Maniacs burn down Christmas trees. Flash and...

Former Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton honor Biden as America’s new leader in joint video

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Washington Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W.. Bush and Bill Clinton honored President Joe Biden Wednesday evening as America's new leader in a joint message that emphasized the new President's call for nationa...

Kash Patel: Durham indictment of Clinton campaign lawyer points to ‘conspiracyon Trump-Russia claims

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DAN BONGINO RAISES QUESTIONS ABOUT THE RUSSIA INVESTIGATION'S ORIGINS FOLLOWING FIRST DURHAM INDICTMENT KASH PATEL: I was the lead investigator for [House Homeland Security Committee] Chairman Devin Nunes, driving th...

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