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George W.. Bush and Bill Clinton visit Ukrainian Church to lay flowers, pay respects

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"America stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they fight for their freedom and their future," Bush posted on his Instagram page on Friday along with a video of the two presidents laying flowers at Saint...

Hillary Clinton repeatedly suggests Donald Trump, Republicans enabling Putin aggression during MSNBC interview

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Verskyn op "Oggend Joe," Clinton accused Trump of "giving aid and comfort" to Putin amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine and claimed Republicans were playing into the latter's ambitions to "undermine democracy" by...

Jesse Watters reveals how Bill Clinton laid the groundwork for current Russia-Ukraine tensions

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Watter pointed to 1994, only three years after the fall of the Soviet Union, when President Clinton heralded an agreement forged with Kyiv that would eliminate nuclear weapons left on Ukrainian soil by the Soviets. "...

'Jou wêreld’ on Russia-Ukraine, Hillary Clinton in New York

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CHARLES PAYNE, FOX NUUSAnker: Is Russia than setting up for an imminent invasion?President Joe Biden saying Vladimir Putin is in the middle of a false flag operation, as images show a kindergarten shelled in Easter...

Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo, Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo

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Vier jaar gelede, Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo. Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo. Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo, op Donderdag, Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo.

Hillary Clinton ignores question about why she called the Durham controversy a ‘fake scandal

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Fox News Digital asked, "Why did you call the Durham filing a fake scandal Secretary Clinton? Why was it a fake scandal?" Clinton did not respond and exited the stage quickly. HILLARY CLINTON BRUSHES DURHAM CONTROV...

Hillary Clinton speaks at NY Dem convention amid Durham probe controversy

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Clinton reacted to Durham’s latest filing on Wednesday, Eric Adams, burgemeester van New York, het Woensdag gesê hy glo die stad se reël wat die Brooklyn Nets-speler Kyrie Irving verbied om in NBA-tuiswedstryde te speel omdat hy nie ingeënt is nie. "Eric Adams, burgemeester van New York, het Woensdag gesê hy glo die stad se reël wat die Brooklyn Nets-speler Kyrie Irving verbied om in NBA-tuiswedstryde te speel omdat hy nie ingeënt is nie." HILLARY CLINTON REACTS TO DURHAM FI...

Hannity lambasts Clinton’s Durham denial: ‘Always ethical Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Die "Hannity" gasheer gesê, "It's another vast right-wing conspiracy. At least according to the always honest, always truthful, always ethical Hillary Rodham Clinton … The two-time presidential loser broke her silence a...

Hillary Clinton was the mastermind behind the Trump-Russia collusion hoax and may never face justice

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Some background is in order. After a 22-month probe, Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of a criminal collusion conspiracy because none ever existed. Amerikaanse. Attorney John Durham was then tasked to inves...

Senator calls for Hillary Clinton accountability: ‘They spied and they lied

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Scott also blasted the mainstream media for "parroting" the Democratic narrative that Trump engaged in Russian collusion, while a recent filing from Special Counsel John Durham found the Clinton campaign "actually sp...

Durham probe: Media outlets avoid, downplay latest developments implicating Clinton campaign

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MSNBC, which made the Russian investigation the most dominant topic on the network for years under President Trump, completely ignored the revelations Durham made the court filing late Friday night through Monday. "M ...

Hannity: Clinton in crosshairs of Durham probe is a far greater scandal than Watergate

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"We now know that the Clinton campaign paid a tech firm to infiltrate the servers at Trump Tower and then later infiltrate the servers at the Trump White House, met ander woorde, illegally spying on a presidential cand...

Jesse Watters questions if the Durham findings could end the Clinton dynasty

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"Hillary broke into a presidential candidate's computer server – and a sitting president's computer server – [in order to spy] on them. Daar, her hackers planted evidence, fabricated evidence connecting Trump to Rus...

Special counsel Durham alleges Clinton campaign lawyer used data to raise suspicions about Trump

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Special counsel John Durham accused a lawyer for the Democrats of sharing with the CIA in 2017 internet data purported to show Russian-made phones being used in the vicinity of the White House complex, as part of a ...

Hillary Clinton 2016 tweets show campaign pushing now-debunked Trump-Russia claims

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Just a day after Fox News first reported that Special Counsel John Durham alleged that lawyers from her campaign had paid to "infiltrate" servers belonging to Trump Tower, and later the White House, in order to estab...

Clinton campaign paid to ‘infiltrateTrump Tower, White House servers to link Trump to Russia: Durham

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Durham filed a motion on Feb. 11 focused on potential conflicts of interest related to the representation of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, who has been charged with making a false statement to a fed...