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Jeff Bridges says he was ‘close to the pearly gateswhile battling Covid during cancer treatment

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Jeff Bridges says his cancer is in remission, and he's making progress in his fight against the long-term effects of Covid after a tough battle. In a new post to his website, the actor says his cancerous mass is no...

Asteroid the size of Giza pyramid, Taj Mahal to pass ‘closeto Earth

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Il 2008 GO20 asteroid is between 318 e 720 piedi alti (220 metri) and has drawn comparisons to a number of famous world structures to convey just how big it is, including the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramid of Giz...

Hawaii ‘closeto reaching coronavirus herd immunity, epidemiologist says

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The theory of herd immunity has been a hot-button issue as of late. Dott. Anthony Fauci and other top experts have urged people to distance themselves from the idea of it since it’s hard to pinpoint an exact number of ...

Coronavirus herd immunity ‘getting closein some regions, NIH director says

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Dott. Francis Collins said experts "don’t really quite know" yet the exact rate of the population that needs some form of protection to achieve herd immunity, but the benchmark is likely "up there around 70, 85 percent...

Tom Jones ricorda l'incontro comico con Elvis Presley a Las Vegas: 'Siamo diventati così vicini'

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"Alloggiavo al Caesar's Palace, ed era all'Hilton, e qualcuno gli aveva mandato una canzone che pensava sarebbe stata buona per me, così è venuto," la star della musica gallese ha detto venerdì alla rivista People di Elvis Presley ....

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr discuss their ‘close’ relazione

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The pop star, 36, is currently engaged to the supermodel's ex-husband Orlando Bloom. Perry has an infant daughter, Daisy, with Bloom, while Kerr shares 10-year-old son, Flynn, with the actor. Perry and Kerr spoke on ...

Biden, Obama talk ‘regularly,’ in ‘close touchon a ‘rangeof issues, Dice la Casa Bianca

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday said Biden and Obama "are not just former colleagues, I guess you call them, as president and vice president." BIDEN REGULARLY CONSULTS WITH OBAMA, PSAKI SAYS "Essi ...

Durbin: ‘I think I’m closeto getting Senate votes needed to advance DREAM Act

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Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin said Sunday that he thinks he is "vicino" to securing the Republican votes needed to overcome a Senate filibuster to advance a key immigration measure that would provide a pathway to ...