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Edwards closes out Timberwolves’ 107-97 win against Kings

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Patrick Beverley added 14 punte, six rebounds and six assists for Minnesota, which lost eight of its previous nine games. The Timberwolves’ improved defense held Sacramento to 36.6% shooting and forced 20 turnovers....

Flooding in Washington state displaces hundreds and closes section of I-5

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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency Monday following days of severe wind and rain that has led to extensive flooding in parts of the state, shuttering a stretch of Interstate 5, knocking out pow...

BP sluit sommige Britse diensstasies toe namate bestuurdertekort die brandstofvoorraad tref

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Londen (CNN Besigheid)BP sluit sommige van sy Britse diensstasies tydelik weens 'n tekort aan vragmotorbestuurders wat deels deur Brexit veroorsaak is. "Ons ondervind probleme met brandstofvoorsiening op sommige van ons kleinhandelwebwerwe..

Aaron Donald turns 30, closes in on more records for Rams

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Donald’s first game in his 30s last Sunday looked like most of his performances from his 20s for the Los Angeles Rams. The most dominant defensive lineman of the previous seven NFL seasons harassed the Bears’ entire ...

Punte & Spencer gee Brexit die skuld toe hy winkels in Frankryk sluit

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Londen (CNN Besigheid)Punte & Spencer (MAKSY) sluit 11 of its stores in France because of supply chain problems related to Brexit. Die Britse kleinhandelaar het Donderdag gesê "lank en kompleks" export processes intro...

Texas skool stelsel sluit na 2 onderwysers sterf aan COVID-19

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Connally Independent School District-amptenare het sy vyf voorstedelike Waco-skole vir die res van die week gesluit ná die Saterdag COVID-19-dood van Natalia Chansler, 41, 'n sesde graad sosiale studies onderwyser by Connall...

Nando’s closes 45 restaurants after running short of chicken

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Londen (CNN Besigheid)Nando's has been forced to close dozens of restaurants in the United Kingdom due to shortages of the chain's signature peri peri chicken. Sommige 45 outlets were shuttered across England, Scotland a...

Hungary’s László Cseh closes Olympic career without gold

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The 35-year-old Hungarian great retired Friday as one of the world's best swimmers to never win gold in five Olympics. He came close, wel. The peak of Cseh's career coincided with Phelps' dominance. By die 20...

Two Nationals relievers could be on the move as the MLB trade deadline closes in

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For the most part figuring out who the buyers and sellers will be is rather simple, as the teams that are out of the race usually look to dump players, while teams with a need and a thought of the postseason might go...

Restaurant closes for ‘day of kindnessafter customers disrespect staff

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The owners of Brewster-based Apt Cape Cod decided to shut down for a "day of kindness" after a slew of customers apparently mistreated its staff, cursed and demanded take orders before the restaurant even opened for ...

'Swart weduwee’ closes a chapter as Marvel looks ahead to a new phase

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Swart weduwee, move over. Shang-Chi, Eternals and (vir die derde keer) Fantastic Four, come on down. The pandemic juggled the release calendar, but Marvel Studios returns to theaters with its pop-culture credentials f...

Alabama closes COVID vaccine sites as state demand plateaus

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Biden aimed to have 70% of Americans receive one vaccine shot or more by the Fourth of July. Egter, meer as 30 states didn’t meet that goal, and Mississippi and Alabama are at the bottom of the list. Before the...

Mom robbed of $63k in real estate scam closes on house thanks to donations from strangers

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This is especially true for one mom in Florida who nearly lost her dream house after being targeted by scammers. Through elaborate wire fraud, Patricia Verlino had been robbed of $ 63,000 she had saved for a down p...

India closes all tiger reserves after Covid outbreaks in zoos

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New Delhi The Indian government has ordered the temporary closure of all tiger reserves to tourism, after a spate of Covid-19 outbreaks in zoos around the country. The National Tiger Conservation Authority, an agency...

Glenn Close’s viral ‘Da Buttdance at 2021 Oscars was scripted: verslag doen

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During the awards ceremony on Sunday night, comedian and actor Lil Rel Howery quizzed attendees about songs that may or may not have been nominated for Oscars in the past. Die "Hillbilly Elegy" star correctly identi...

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