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Brooklyn lawyers plead guilty to a charge in Molotov cocktail case tied to George Floyd protest

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Two lawyers who federal prosecutors say took part during an anti-police brutality protest last year in making a Molotov cocktail and throwing it at an empty New York Police Department vehicle have each pleaded guilt...

‘Gin & Javacocktail recipe for a fall weekend treat

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With only a handful of ingredients and chocolate and nutty flavors shining through, you may want to sip this all fall long. Questo "Gin & Java" cocktail made from Hardshore Distilling Company in Portl...

Elizabeth Hurley, 56, sfoggia un abito da cocktail scollato per celebrare il 50° compleanno di David Walliams

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Di sabato, la modella e attrice ha partecipato alla festa per il cinquantesimo compleanno del suo amico David Walliams al Claridge's Hotel di Londra. Il designer di costumi da bagno si è assicurato di avere tutti gli occhi su di lei quando è arrivata al lussuoso negozio Mayfair ...

Regeneron COVID-19 antibody cocktail helps prevent symptomatic disease in study

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REGEN-COV, comprised of casirivimab with imdevimab, has already received emergency use authorization from the FDA in the U.S. Under the current EUA, the combo therapy is approved to treat non-hospitalized adults and ...

Connecticut man accused of starting Molotov cocktail fires targeting ambulances

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A 37-year-old Connecticut man allegedly used a Molotov cocktail to start a fire at an ambulance facility and was also connected to other arson fires targeting Emergency Medical Services agencies in the state on Satu...

Oregon man arrested after starting brush fire with Molotov cocktail accused of setting six more after he was released, dice la polizia

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An Oregon man was arrested after he admitted to setting a brush fire along a highway, ha detto la polizia, as wildfires burn through large swaths of the West Coast. Poi, loro hanno detto, he set six more. Domingo Lopez Jr., 45, w ...