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DNS verbind twee mans in die tronk aan koue geval van 1983 wat oorspronklik die verkeerde man tronk toe gestuur het vir 37 jare

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Twee mans wat lewenslange tronkstraf uitdien vir moord in 'n gevangenis in Florida, is met behulp van nuut ontdekte DNS-monsters met twee ander moorde verbind., wat gelei het tot die vrystelling van 'n ander man wat onregmatig gedien het 37...

Russian Navy’s massive submarine could set the stage for ‘a new Cold warin the oceans

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Seoel, South Korea The Russian Navy has taken delivery of what is the world's longest known submarine, one its maker touts as a research vessel -- but what others say is a platform for espionage and possibly nuclear ...

California man arrested in cold case murders of women strangled to death

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Investigators with the Solano County Sheriff’s Office said DNA evidence from James Gary linked him to the killing of two women in 1996 en 1980. He was also connected to a sexual assault last year, owerhede gesê. ...

Jennifer Lopez ‘rushedto get married and was afraid Ben Affleck would get ‘cold feetbefore wedding: verslag doen

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Lopez, 52, celebrated her wedding day with her new husband on a private plane back to Los Angeles, where the couple sipped on Diet Coke and ate pizza, volgens Bladsy Ses. Their last-minute nuptials were a surprise...

New Hampshire AG kondig nuwe soektog in koue geval verdwyning van Massachusetts kollege student Maura Murray aan

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John Formella, prokureur-generaal, het die poging Woensdagoggend aangekondig nadat hy haar familie ingelig het. Murray het haar studies by West Point begin voordat sy oorgeskakel het na die verpleegprogram aan die Universiteit van Massachusetts-A..

Murder cold case suspect identified as Ohio woman’s husband after remains found in Utah

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Lina Reyes Geddes was shot in the head and found on April 20, 1998 along Highway 276 near Maidenwater Spring in Garfield County, Utah. She was found covered with plastic bags, wrapped in duct tape, tied with rope, 'n ...

Washington cold cases: DNA helps ID two homicide victims decades later

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The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office is asking the public for more information on the deaths of Blaine Has Tricks, 38, who was from North Dakota and disappeared in 1977 after living in Spokane, and Alice Lou William...

Connecticut police exhume wrong body in cold case investigation

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With hopes of identifying the female victim of a 1975 moord, Connecticut authorities exhumed a body in a Hamden cemetery Wednesday, only to find the remains of someone else. When East Haven police officers discov...

Biden’s high gas prices and war on fossil fuels proves president is cold, cruel and callous

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A national-average gallon of regular gas cost $ 2.37 at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. This metric hit an all-time-high $ 4.60 op Donderdag, AAA reports -- op 94 persentasie. Biden does not feel Americans’ pain. Ek ...

Hitte vs Celtics-wedstryd 5 telling: Miami raak koud soos Boston binne een wedstryd van die NBA-eindstryd beweeg

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Boston het Game gewen 5 in Miami 93-80 Woensdagaand, putting the Celtics' organization just one game away from its first NBA Finals appearance since 2010. Hulle het gewen deur die Heat in die tweede helfte te oorheers, and with the...

New York police to release 911 calls in cold case Long Island serial killer investigation

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Shannan Gilbert was a 24-year-old escort advertising her services on Craigslist when she visited a client at an oceanfront home in Oak Beach on May 1, 2010, volgens die Suffolk County Police Department. Sy was ...

California woman arrested in Mexico for alleged 2015 cold case killing of husband

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Op Maart 4, Mexican authorities handed Leticia Smith, 40, over to the U.S. Marshals Diens, the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department said. The case against Smith began in May 2015 when several people reported not he...

Obama axing Cold War-era military policy leaves US unable to battle in two, simultaneous regional conflicts

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"It means we can’t do both," senior research fellow for Defense Programs at the Heritage Foundation told Fox News Digital in a phone interview when asked if the U.S. would hypothetically be able to fight in both Ukra...

Russians were go-to movie villains in the 1980s. What a new Cold War might bring

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How will the promise of a second Cold War impact the portrayal of Russia in movies and television? To see a glimpse of what could be in the future it's worth looking to the past, and what Americans were watching in ...

Ukraine zookeeper fears hundreds of animals will die without more food, brandstof: ‘Dying of cold and hunger

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Mykhailo Pinchuk, owner and founder of the "XII (12) Months" zoo in the village of Demydiv, told Fox News Digital he and the small staff still left are "desperaat" to get either safe passage or livable conditions for...

As winter storm exits the East, strong winds and blistering cold temperatures remain

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A winter storm will continue to deliver strong winds and blistering freezing temperatures as it exits the eastern region Sunday after dumping heavy snow across parts of New England. Meer as 30 million people acro...

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