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‘Bachelor’ deelnemer stort amper in duie tydens die roos seremonie

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It truly is the most dramatic season yet. Just two episodes into the new season of "Die oujongkerel," a contestant nearly collapsed during the rose ceremony. A medic was called during Monday night's episode when Sarah...

Israel’s government collapses, not with a bang but a whimper, triggering fourth election in 2 jare

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Tel Aviv, Israel The Israeli government collapsed on Tuesday at midnight (17.00 IS) local time after the country's parliament failed to meet a deadline for passage of the 2020 en 2021 budgets. Israel will now head...

Arecibo Observatory collapses ahead of planned demolition

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The instrument platform of the 305-meter telescope at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico collapsed overnight, according to the National Science Foundation. It's a final blow to one of the most powerful telescopes o...

2 injured after Seattle pier partially collapses, sending workers into the water

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Several people were rescued from Elliott Bay in Seattle after Pier 58 collapsed, according to tweets from the city's police and fire departments. Two construction workers were transported to the hospital in stable c...