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At least five killed after a building collapses in Iran, in partenza 80 people trapped

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At least five people were killed and 27 people injured when a 10-story building collapsed in the southwest city of Abadan in the Iranian province of Khuzestan on Monday, the Iranian Red Crescent said. Almeno 80 ...

Fire engulfs Philadelphia-area bowling alley, collapses roof as firefighters battle blaze

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Firefighters responded to Levittown Lanes in Levittown, Pennsylvania, located outside Philadelphia, in giro 5 a.m., Segnalato da FOX29 Philadelphia. As firefighters battled the spreading flames, the inferno was upgraded t...

NYC-sized ice shelf collapses in East Antarctica

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The collapse was captured by satellite images, which show the area had been shrinking over the last couple of years. It was the first time in human history that the region had an ice shelf collapse and experts wonde...

Kelly Clarkson collapses from the weight of her shame during competition with Anne Hathaway

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Because of you, Anna Hathaway, Kelly Clarkson may never be able to play "[object Window]" ancora. The daytime talk show host and singer had a hilarious but deeply relatable moment of shame on her show Tuesda...

Crime spikes force schools to reinstate resource officers as defund movement collapses

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"I think what you're seeing and the reaction from these school districts is exactly what we're seeing in almost every major city in this country: Everybody's having buyer's remorse for defunding the police," Fraterna...

Floor collapses at London bar, in partenza 13 ferito

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London A mezzanine floor collapsed at a bar in east London on Saturday, leaving more than a dozen people injured. The London Air Ambulance Service (LAS) responded to reports at 4:44 p.m. local time that an area of t...

Comedian Heather McDonald collapses, fractures skull during set in Tempe, Arizona

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The 51-year-old star took to her Instagram story on the night of Feb. 5 to address fans from the hospital. "Così, I'm in the emergency room, I look weird," iniziò. "Oh mio Dio, I'm so, così, così, so sorry." She then ex...

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Aquile’ Jalen Hurts narrowly avoids injury after FedExField railing collapses

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Washington released a statement after the incident occurred. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . Fans falls onto Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (1) as the railing collapsed following the end...

Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts helps fans when railing collapses after win over Washington Football Team

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Jalen Hurts had been dodging Washington Football Team defenders all day Sunday, but the final obstacle for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback came after the game when a railing in the stands collapsed. Following t...

Lakers’ Anthony Davis collapses in tunnel after suffering knee injury

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Davis suffered a left knee bruise in the third quarter of the game. He missed two games last week with left knee soreness. He also hurt his ankle in the first quarter but returned from that. Cameras showed Davis fall...

21-story building collapses in Lagos, Nigeria

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Lagos, Nigeria People are feared to be trapped after a 21-story building collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria on Monday. The building, located in the city's affluent Ikoyi neighborhood, is a construction site for luxury apar...

Deroy Murdock: Mitch McConnell crolla sotto le bugie del limite del debito democratico

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Ancora una volta, mentre i democratici sono storditi, diviso, e disperato, il leader repubblicano al Senato corre in loro soccorso. DEROY MURDOCK: BIDEN'S $ 3.5T SPENDE SPREE MOSTRA LA MATEMATICA DI UN BAMBINO DI 7 ANNI McConnell, Kentucky's...

Tom Felton: La star di Harry Potter crolla durante la partita della celebre Ryder Cup

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La star di Harry Potter Tom Felton ha sofferto di "incidente medico" mentre giocava a una partita di golf di celebrità a Whistling Straits, Wisconsin, in vista della Ryder Cup. Felton, meglio conosciuto per aver interpretato Draco Malfoy in Harry...

Will Cain calls for Biden, Gen. Milley to resign amid ‘Grade-A gaslightingas Afghanistan collapses

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Cain said Monday on "Fox News Primetime" that the president's brief Monday remarks were an exercise in "Grade-A gaslighting" e a "masterclass in doublespeak." The president returned to the White House in the aftern...

Titanic museum iceberg wall collapses, ferire 3 visitatori

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A wall of ice collapsed Monday at the Titanic Museum Attraction, injuring three visitors to the popular tourist spot in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains. The Pigeon Forge Fire Department arrived at the museum at 8:11 p.m...