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Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collide and are out of drama-filled Italian Grand Prix

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The Italian Grand Prix was full of drama on Sunday as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided and were both subsequently ruled out of the remainder of the race. El par, who sit atop the Formula 1 driver's champ...

NASA administrator Bill Nelson optimisitic about space exploration as commercial, government efforts collide

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In his first month in the role, he is pushing what he says is one of the most ambitious and aggressive science budgets in agency history, making strides in exploration with missions both in space and on Earth. The Wh...

Más que 200 injured after two trains collide in Malaysian capital

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Más que 200 people were injured in Malaysia on Monday when two trains collided in the capital Kuala Lumpur, the state-run Bernama news agency reported. The accident occurred at 8:45 pm. local time when one of th...

2 Pequeños aviones chocan en el aire sobre Denver, nadie herido, las autoridades dicen

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Ambos aviones se preparaban para aterrizar en un pequeño aeropuerto regional en un suburbio de Denver cuando chocaron a media mañana., de acuerdo con la Junta Nacional de Seguridad en el Transporte y South Metro Fire Rescue. VUELO DELTA RE ...

Two small planes collide over Colorado and amazingly no one was injured

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There are no injuries after a midair collision involving two small planes outside of Denver, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office. "Two on board walked away with no injuries. Second plane able to land s...

In Colombia’s protests, pandemic pressures collide with an existential reckoning for police

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Bogota Chief among the many grievances fueling the most widespread wave of protests Colombia has seen in years — including health reform, subsidies to informal workers, and a ban on forced coca eradication — were the...

Más que 30 killed as two trains collide in Egypt

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Cairo At least 32 la gente fue asesinada y 66 injured after two trains collided in the Tahta district of the Upper Egypt governorate of Sohag, the Egyptian Ministry of Health said Friday. Thirty-six ambulances were imm...

In Trump and Biden, reality and fantasy collide on Thanksgiving

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Coronavirus infections are skyrocketing. Unemployment is rising. Food lines are getting longer. And President Donald Trump is tweeting. Happy Thanksgiving. This year's holiday season is bringing Americans together,...

20 killed on temple trip in Thailand as bus, train collide

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A bus heading to a Buddhist temple collided with a train in central Thailand on Sunday, matando al menos 20 people dead and injuring 30, las autoridades dijeron. The accident took place at 8:05 soy. (0105 GMT) near the Kh...