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The anger driving Colombia’s protest movement isn’t going away anytime soon

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Bogotá What started as a tax reform proposal to help ease the strain of the pandemic on the economy and balance government finances ended with people taking to the streets to express their discontent. Large-scale p...

Reckoning with lethal violence in Colombia’s prolonged wave of protests

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Bogota How much pain can one bear in the fight for a worthy cause? That question burned in the eyes of Luis Fernando Barbosa, the father of Dylan "B Lion", a 27-year-old hip hop artist who died in Bogota in the early...

In Colombia’s protests, pandemic pressures collide with an existential reckoning for police

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Bogota Chief among the many grievances fueling the most widespread wave of protests Colombia has seen in years — including health reform, subsidies to informal workers, and a ban on forced coca eradication — were the...

Le sanguinose proteste in Colombia potrebbero essere un avvertimento per la regione

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Le tensioni si sono appena dissipate in Colombia dopo che il presidente Ivan Duque ha ritirato una controversa proposta di riforma fiscale questo fine settimana. Sei giorni di proteste avevano visto almeno 19 persone uccise e centinaia di feriti. Adesso,...

Colombia’s FARC party is changing its name to ‘Comunes

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Colombia's FARC political party, formed after the guerilla group with the same acronym was disbanded, has announced that it is is changing its name to "Comunes," o "Commons" in English. "I want to inform Colombia a...

Gli ippopotami della cocaina della Colombia’ deve essere abbattuto, dicono gli scienziati — ma non tutti sono d'accordo

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Il più famoso trafficante di droga della Colombia, Pablo Escobar, potrebbe essere stato ucciso in 1993 ma la sua influenza continua a farsi sentire nel paese, a volte in modi inaspettati. Ippopotami portati in Colombia come parte di E ...

Colombia’s peace deal could hang on the US election

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As Colombia struggles with mounting protests, deteriorating security and the coronavirus pandemic, some local politicians are showing a burning interest in the US election result -- which could be pivotal in the bat...