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Winsome Sears will become Virginia lieutenant governor, CNN-projekte, becoming first female and woman of color in the office

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Winsome Sears, a conservative Republican, will be Virginia's next lieutenant governor, breaking barriers as the first female and the first woman of color in the office in the commonwealth's 400-year legislative hist...

Mom fights anti-white training in daughter’s kindergarten class: ‘They reduce everything down’ to skin color

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Solas joined "Tucker Carlson Vanaand" on Thursday to express her frustration with district management, and shared that school guidelines bar teachers from calling their students "boys and girls" and rethinks the Amer...

Remembering the Native American who was the first person of color to serve as US vice president

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Kamala Harris on Saturday made history as America's first woman, first Black and first South Asian vice president-elect. But she will not be the first person of color to serve as vice president of the United States....

LA Times columnist calls Larry Elder ‘very real threat to communities of color

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Guerrero appeared on CNN’s "Betroubare bronne" to speak about the September 14 California governor recall election. Host Brian Stelter questioned Guerrero about Elder, the Republican frontrunner who has faced intense ...

NYC dad says daughter ‘recognizedprivate school was ‘trying to make her feel guiltyabout ‘skin color

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Andrew Gutmann, who is white, has faced an onslaught of media attention in recent days since sending former New York Times editor Bari Weiss a scathing letter addressed to Brearley parents, saying the $ 54,000-a-yea...

‘Passingoffers a brilliant insight into America’s ‘color line

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Gene Seymour is a critic who has written about music, movies and culture for The New York Times, Newsday, Entertainment Weekly and The Washington Post. Follow him on Twitter @GeneSeymour. The opinions expressed in th...

TigersCasey Mize forced to change glove over its color: Timing was ‘was pretty s—tty, eerlikwaar’

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While the league’s new guidance for players and umpires is set to go into effect Monday, Mize was forced to change gloves because of the color. Mize said umpire John Tumpane told him to switch out the glove. KLIK HY ...

Boston Bruins om die trui van Willie O'Ree te onttrek, wat die NHL se kleurgrens verbreek het

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Die Nasionale Hokkieliga se Boston Bruins sal die trui van Willie O'Ree uittree, wat die NHL se kleurgrens gebreek het met Boston in 1958 as die eerste Swart hokkiespeler in die liga. Die uittrede van O'Ree se nr. 2...

Larry Ouderling: Kalifornië-kwessies het nie kleur nie, nie partytjie hou nie

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Maandag, Ouderling het met Tucker Carlson gepraat oor sy veldtog om Gov. Gavin Newsom wat tans deur verskeie sleutel-demokratiese politici onderskryf word. "Basies, hierdie herroeping het Barack Obama gedwing, Kamala Harris, N ...

Derek Chauvin’s conviction is progress but not ‘true justicefor people of color facing police violence, sê aktiviste

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While the family of George Floyd, supporters and civil rights activists celebrated a Minneapolis jury's decision to convict Derek Chauvin of murder and manslaughter, they insist it's only a small step toward progres...

Massachusetts school offers ‘safe spacefor ‘students of colorafter Rittenhouse, Arbery verdicts

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Bigelow Middle School in Newton, Massachusetts, sent out a "midweek update" Des. 1 to families of students at the school that directs them to review a letter detailing "safe space choices" for students. The letter de...

Jay Williams congratulates Ime Udoka as Celtics‘first head coach of colorin perplexing misfire

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Williams, who serves as a basketball analyst for ESPN after his NBA career was cut short, congratulated Udoka for becoming the first "coach of color" for the Celtics. Udoka is set to replace Brad Stevens as Boston’s ...

How people of color can cope with Capitol riot hypocrisy

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Justice Horn was in broad daylight, but he could not see as he rose from the ground and blindly stumbled through darkness and pain. The pain was the fire the community activist felt in his face and eyes in June 2020...

Die burgemeesterswedloop in Boston vernou na Michelle Wu en Annissa Essaibi George, twee kleurvolle vroue, vir die stad se beste werk

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Boston -burgemeesterskandidate Michelle Wu en Annissa Essaibi George, beide Demokratiese stadsraadslede, gaan deur na die algemene verkiesing in November, CNN-projekte, stel 'n historiese wedstryd op wat vir die eerste keer aangebied word..

GOP U. Tim Scott accuses Left of attacking ‘color of my skin

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Scott vertel "jakkals & Vriende" it was shocking to hear intolerance coming from those who say they want to end discrimination, and that those attacking him were doubling down on the concept of liberal oppression. Vide...

Outdoor recreation has historically excluded people of color. Dit begin verander

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In die Verenigde State, outdoor recreation and Whiteness have long gone hand in hand. Gedoop die "adventure gap" of "nature gap," the lack of diversity in outdoor recreation has become a hot topic in the White-dominat...

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