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Columbus Crew beats Seattle Sounders to win a second MLS championship

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Columbus, Ohio The Columbus Crew beat the Seattle Sounders on Saturday night to win its second Major League Soccer Cup. The Crew won 3-0, with Lucas Zelarayan marking two goals and Derrick Etienne scoring one. This i...

Columbus, Ohio, to vote on paying $475,000 to officer who says police force discriminates against its own

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The Columbus City Council is slated to vote Monday on a $ 475,000 settlement with an African American policeman after the officer, a 28-year veteran, says he faced retaliation for reporting racism and other miscond...

Here’s what’s open and closed for Columbus Day

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Every year on the second Monday of October friend groups across America try to plan a three-day weekend only to be shot down by the person who doesn't get the day off work. That day is Columbus Day -- a federal US ...

1 dead in shooting at a Columbus, Ohio, gun show

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One person was killed in a shooting at the conclusion of a gun show in Columbus, Ohio, di domenica, according to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. La vittima, whose name, gender and age were not immediately avail...

Columbus Day-Indigenous PeoplesDay Fast Facts

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Here is a look at Columbus Day (also known as Indigenous Peoples' Day in some jurisdictions). Nel 2020, it will be celebrated on October 12. Facts Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October. Before it...