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Washington Post column defends ‘partisanshipof Biden’s ‘MAGA Republicans’ 言语: ‘core messagewas ‘right

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Dionne asserted that Biden’s partisanship gets to the truth of Trump’s threat to the country, and that the president's use of the divisive tactic is merely a "creative" way to do politics. He opened his Wednesday co...

一个刘易斯 & 克拉克学院学生被杀, 另外两人在校园柱倒塌中受伤

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刘易斯的砖柱 & 俄勒冈州克拉克学院周一倒塌, 在他们躺在吊床上时杀死了一名学生并伤害了另外两名学生, 根据波特兰消防和救援. 刘易斯 & 克拉克服务...

民主党利用美联储作为“替罪羊”’ 因为他们糟糕的经济政策: 华盛顿邮报专栏

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像拜登总统和其他政府官员一样, Rampell 声称她不相信美国. 已进入衰退期, 尽管经济进入连续第二个季度GDP负增长 ...


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上周三,在明尼阿波利斯第一大道场馆取消戴夫·查佩尔预定的喜剧表演后不到一周,卢基亚诺夫就发表了他的专栏. 就在演出前, 来自th..的评论家.

西班牙媒体华盛顿邮报专栏警告右翼“虚假信息”: 审查“Abuela”的假新闻

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在她的专栏开头, 作者写道, "西班牙语右翼虚假信息的流行,在 2020 社交媒体平台上的选举, 在一些大城市的 AM 广播电台, 是rev...

NY Mag column declares ‘death’ of ‘Democrats’ domestic ambitions:’ A ‘catastrophe’ with ‘a thousand fathers’

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While Chait acknowledged that "it would be unfair to measure the Democrats against the full-bloom version of their most ambitious measure" 因为 "razor-tight margins of control in both chambers of Congress always m...

美国有线电视新闻网的扎卡里亚因专栏敦促德姆斯“忘记代词”而遭到左翼猛烈抨击,’ 华盛顿邮报改变标题

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到周五晚上, 《华盛顿邮报》改变了他文章的标题从原来的标题, "忘记代词: 民主党需要成为建设事物的政党," 简单地 "民主党需要成为 ...

ESPN’s most-woke moments, from America-bashing July 4 column to downplaying genocide in China

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Many Americans rely on sports to unwind and escape from the polarized world that exists in their day-to-day lives, but ESPN has been accused of injecting its content with liberal politics for years. ESPN president Ji...

OutKick 创始人接管 ESPN, 作家完成“醒来”的任务’ 七月 4 柱子; ‘这件作品如何为体育迷服务?’

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粘土特拉维斯, 谁共同创立了该网站, 让作家霍华德布莱恩特完成他 7 月 4 日题为 "棒球, 今年七月四日烧烤和失去自由," 在反复提起他的 2011 逮捕 ...

多布斯诉. Jackson ruling makes black women and children ‘suffer’, ‘nothing Christ-like’: WaPo column

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Attiah began her Friday opinion column by attacking the pro-life movement she once supported. "它是 2010, 我曾是 22 and this was evening ladies’ Bible study at the evangelical church I attended in a Dallas suburb. T ...

Supreme Court and conservative ‘forces of hatelooking to undo progress of the 1960s: 洛杉矶. Times column

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For Milsaps College professor Robert S. McElvaine, who wrote the piece, it might be even worse than that. "The United States in 2022 is at a crossroads and the direction taken will likely determine whether the experi...

华盛顿邮报专栏呼吁国会使用第 14 条修正案阻止特朗普再次参选 2024

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"如果起诉前总统唐纳德特朗普的目标是保护美国民主免受特朗普卷土重来 2024, 有比提起刑事指控更好的方法," 福利写道. "代替, 公司.

Washington Post column calls out Democrat ‘dark money groupsboosting ‘extremist Republicans’ 在初选中

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Author Charles Lane noted the Washington Post's reporting from Monday that said Republicans competing in primaries in Colorado, Illinois and Nevada had been "benefiting" from Democratic groups "spending millions of d...

NY Times column hits ‘stubborn,’ ‘ruinous optimismof Democratic leaders, says they lack sense of urgency

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Author Jamelle Bouie criticized President Biden's praising of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky。, at the National Prayer Breakfast and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's, D-Calif。, statement from May that called for a...

Kavanaugh threat: WaPo column urges readers not to assign blame because both sides have ‘deranged individuals’

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在星期三, an armed California man identified as Nicholas John Roske was carrying a gun, knife and pepper spray when arrested outside Kavanaugh’s home. He told officers that he wanted "to give his life purpose" 一个...

MSNBC column argues there is no constitutional right to own a gun

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As several media outlets attacked supporters of the Second Amendment as "barbarians" in the wake of a mass shooting in Texas, Obeidallah insisted that it was the 2008 Heller case that decided that owning guns was a "...

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