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2 Milwaukee Brewers combine to throw MLB’s record 9th no-hitter this season

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There have been nine no-hitters thrown in the 2021 Major League Baseball season -- breaking its all-time record for a single season. The latest came Saturday, when the Milwaukee Brewers combined to no-hit the Cleve...

BrewersBurnes, Hader combine for MLB record 9th no-hitter

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Burnes (10-4) struck out 14 con 115 pitches over eight innings, taking a perfect game into the seventh while overpowering the Indians, who were no-hit for the third time in 2021. This time is was by Burnes — who has...

Rodríguez, Richards combine on 5-hitter, Red Sox beat Rays

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After dropping the first two games, Boston ended Tampa Bay's nine-game winning streak with a 3-2 victory Wednesday night. Garrett Richards replaced Rodriguez (11-7) with two on and no outs in the seventh, and the rig...

Hawley: Left wants to ‘combine the power of government and the power ofBig Tech corporations

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Host Mark Levin posited to Hawley that Big Tech companies "are very concerned about people who disagree with the establishment or disagree with the Democrat Party. "Por ejemplo," the host continued, "if you post a c...

Canceled combine a bummer but invite still a golden ticket

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"It was a dream of mine since I was a little kid to go to the combine," Moore said. "Asi que, once I had seen a couple on Twitter got the combine invite, I was taking a shower, checked my phone." Nada. His heart sank....