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DC police warned other agencies before January 6 rally that attendees were urged to ‘come armed,’ according to new document

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Washington Local police in Washington warned their law enforcement partner agencies a day before the January 6 pro-Trump rally that there were social media reports urging attendees to "come armed" but said there was ...

テキサス州議会議員. 数が急増するにつれて、Pflugerがデルリオ移民キャンプを訪問, 「最悪の事態はまだ来ていない」と警告する

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"国境警備隊のエージェントと話す, 最悪の事態はまだ来ていないです, 彼らはここの背後にあるものについて心配しています, 彼らはメキシコとの調整について心配しています," 彼はデルリオからフォックスニュースに語った. DHSは国外追放のフリッグを強化する。.

UTSA ends ‘Come and Take Itrallying cry after petition raises concerns about its racial connotations

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UTSA President Taylor Eighmy issued a letter to students, staff and faculty on Sept. 7, announcing that the rallying cry would not be used at athletic contests. At football games, a flag reading "Come and Take It" wo...

‘Come From Awaylands with all of its Broadway charms intact on Apple TV+

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Amid a slew of documentary programming tied to the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 攻撃, the best thing to watch turns out to be a streaming Broadway musical. Much like "ハミルトン" on Disney+,"離れて来る" del...

DeVos: Biden Education Dept ‘as far left as they comewith promotion of radical ‘anti-Whiteness‘guide

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Within the Abolitionist Teaching Network's "Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning" handbook, the group calls "Whiteness" a form of oppression, and its cornerstone program, called A...

ジャイアンツ’ Kyle Rudolph embraces culture built by Joe Judge, raves that Daniel Jones is ‘as good as they come

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After spending his entire career with the Minnesota Vikings, Rudolph joins the New York Giants this season with hopes of helping restore the franchise to its former glory — and he sees promise in both the new faces i...

カリフォルニアラテンアメリカ人の党員集会は、ハリスを「来ないで」と非難します’ 移民警告

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ハリスは、中央アメリカの移民が米国に旅行するのを思いとどまらせようとしたために、彼女自身の党のメンバーから迅速な反発を受けました。. 彼らに警告することによって、彼らは背を向けられるでしょう–トランプ時代のp。を反映したスタンス。.

AOCは、入国管理に関する彼女の発言のためにハリスを呼び出します, 移民に「来ないで」と言う’

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ツイッターの投稿で, オカシオ・コルテスがアメリカに来ると言った. 国境での庇護申請は合法的な到着方法である. 進歩的な民主党員はまた、米国. ラテンアメリカの特定の地域で不安定化に貢献した...

AOCがハリスに電話’ 入国審査コメント「がっかり’ 副大統領が移民に「来ないでください」と警告しているように’

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ツイッターの投稿で, オカシオ・コルテスがアメリカに来ると言った. 国境での庇護申請は合法的な到着方法である. 進歩的な民主党員はまた、米国. ラテンアメリカの特定の地域で不安定化に貢献した...

その. Cotton says Dr. ファウチ, NIH need to ‘come cleanabout Wuhan lab funding

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コットン, R-アーク。, expressed doubt that the taxpayer money that went to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to study coronaviruses did not support "機能の獲得" 研究, which involves modifying a virus to make it mor...

Wisconsin lawmaker on ‘Fox & 友達の: Bill requiring anthem at games is for Americans to ‘come together

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Sites covered by the bill would include major, taxpayer-subsidized venues where the Packers, Bucks and Brewers play, as well as public schools and other facilities that were built or upgraded with taxpayer funds. OHI...

Remote learning impact on children will be studied ‘for decades to come’: ドメネク:

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BEN DOMENECH: You know who the biggest stakeholders are in this decision? It's the kids… who were affected by these decisions in a way that is not just anti-scientific, but is designed to bolster the interests of the...

John Daly predicts Tiger Woods will ‘come back strongand break Jack Nicklaus’ 記録

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出演中 "Justice with Judge Jeanine" 土曜日, Daly, a two-time major champion, believes Woods has what it takes to "come back strong" from his horrific car crash in February and break Jack Nicklaus' ...

Smugglers spread misinformation at the border. The White House says now is not the time to come.

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ここ数週間, migrants waiting in various northern Mexican cities have been told to travel to other locations along the border under the false pretense that they'll be let into the US through a port of entry ther...

‘Come on, guys’: Firefighter goes viral debunking wildfire conspiracies on TikTok

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Firefighters are, 明らかに, known for fighting fires. But one is taking his job a step further -- by fighting conspiracy theories, あまりにも. 今週, Michael Clark, a firefighter based in Hawaii, made a TikTok video d...

These maps show how 2020 could come down to 1 electoral vote

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Long election nights are what make junkies go wild and partisans go crazy. それはありました 144 years since the Electoral College (how we decide our presidents) was last decided by a mere 1 electoral vote. Chances are tha...