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Karl Rove urges caution on book claims, says Gen. Milley has ‘real problemif he broke chain of command

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TRUMP ACTING DEFENSE SECRETARY MILLER SAYS HE 'DID NOT' AUTHORIZE MILLEY CHINA CALLS, SAYS HE SHOULD RESIGN KARL ROVE: Si es verdad, it could be wrong. I long ago learned to distrust … I respect Bob Woodward and Bob Costa...

Recordando 9/11: Africa Command soldier reflects on how attacks still inspire his service

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New York City sits far away from Djibouti, but the city and the tragedy remain firmly in Phelps’ mind. En sábado, los Estados Unidos. forces at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti on Africa’s east coast commemorated the attack on Amer...

Oficial de la Infantería de Marina de los EE. UU. Relevado del mando después de criticar a los líderes militares por la retirada de Afganistán

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Teniente del Cuerpo de Marines de los EE. UU. De Washington. Columna. Stuart Scheller ha sido relevado del mando después de que publicó un video en línea cuestionando el manejo de los líderes militares de la situación en Afganistán., dijo un portavoz del Cuerpo de Marines..

Thousands mourn Chad’s president, rebels say their command hit by airstrike

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N'Djamena, Chad Thousands of people gathered in Chad's capital N'Djamena on Friday for the state funeral of President Idriss Deby, whose death while leading his troops against a rebel offensive has thrown the country...

El organismo de control del Departamento de Defensa investigará la decisión de basar el cuartel general del Comando Espacial en Alabama

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El Inspector General del Departamento de Defensa investigará la decisión de albergar la sede del Comando Espacial de EE. UU. En Redstone Arsenal en Hunstville., Alabama, anunció el inspector general adjunto Randolph Stone Frida..

Pentagon under pressure from Trump administration to split NSA and Cyber Command

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The Trump administration is pushing to make major adjustments to the Pentagon organizations charged with cybersecurity and signals intelligence, according to a US defense official. La propuesta, first reported by De...

UK announces military spending boost, AI and ‘Space Commandinitiatives

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Britain has announced its largest military spending boost in 30 años, after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled a £16.5 billion ($ 21.8 mil millones) budget increase for the country's armed forces. The money will ...

After an antenna repair on Earth, NASA is now able to command Voyager 2 otra vez

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Election Day may have us tied up in anxious knots today. But we can also take solace in the fact that nearly 12 billion miles away, one of humanity's greatest achievements is twinkling back at us, and our understand...

Senior Marine officer relieved of command over alleged use of racial slur

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The commander of US Marines in Europe and Africa was relieved of command Monday amid allegations that he used a racial slur, according to a US defense official. US Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Stephen Neary, the commander...

Louisville police major relieved of command after reportedly insulting protesters in email to other officers

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Mayo. Bridget Hallahan has been relieved of command of the Louisville Metro Police Department's Fifth Division two days after the Louisville Courier Journal reported that the major had insulted protesters in an Augus...