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Biden says US, Japan ‘committed to working togetheron challenges from China, Noord-Korea

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Suga is the first foreign leader to meet in person with Biden, signaling strengthening ties between the United States and Japan amid diplomatic tensions with China—as intelligence officials warn that Beijing poses on...

Victor Davis Hanson blasts Delta’s CEO on ‘wokeness’: ‘If you make $17Myou’re ‘not committed to equity

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HANSON: I don't think they make very good representatives of the woke movement and they shouldn't lecture people on equity and inclusion and diversity, because that's what they're doing. If you're a CEO at Delta and...

Canada’s parliament says China committed genocide against Muslim minorities

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Ottawa Canadian lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved a non-binding motion accusing China of committing genocide against its Muslim minorities in the western region of Xinjiang, further straining ties between the tw...

This foundation just committed $250 million to overhaul America’s monuments

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The nation's largest humanities philanthropy is pledging $ 250 million over the next five years to help "transform the way our country's histories are told in public spaces." The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation on Wedn...

The US plans to execute a man for a crime he committed at 19. Scientists say the research on brain development makes that wrong

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For the first time in nearly 70 jare, the United States will execute a man for a crime he committed as a teenager. Christopher Vialva, 40, is set to receive the death penalty on Thursday at a federal prison in Terr...