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CNN panel blasts Biden admin’s inability to communicate clearly on COVID: ‘People feel jerked around

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President Biden proclaimed booster shots would be available to the public by September 20, yet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) appeared to be caught off guard by that goal. They told the White House, regolatore...

Just like humans, apes communicate to say hello and goodbye, la ricerca mostra

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Just like people, chimpanzees and bonobos aren't ones for leaving without saying goodbye. Apes purposefully use signals to begin and end social interactions -- behaviors not typically seen outside of humans until n...

Device taps brain waves to help paralyzed man communicate

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It will take years of additional research but the study, reported Wednesday, marks an important step toward one day restoring more natural communication for people who can’t talk because of injury or illness. "La maggior parte...

Il consigliere per la sicurezza nazionale afferma che la Casa Bianca ha iniziato a comunicare con l'Iran sugli ostaggi americani

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Washington L'amministrazione Biden ha iniziato a comunicare con l'Iran sugli ostaggi americani nella regione, Il consigliere per la sicurezza nazionale Jake Sullivan ha detto domenica, chiamando il problema a "priorità significativa" per il Whi ...