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Communist China is the biggest threat facing our country and Biden is asleep at the wheel

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Geen, I am not talking about Hunter, Maar nadat hy vier vlugte gemis het "Big Guy" homself. President Joe Biden struck a tough tone on China during his first address to Congress. Puffing out his chest, Biden bragged that he told China’s Marxist d...

Time to ditch communist China’s technology, or else

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I urge them to support it. Failure to do so would be an enormous victory for the Chinese Communist Party and a massive loss of American workers and American servicemen who should not be forced to rely upon Chinese te...

Tucker Carlson: No group benefited more from COVID than Communist China

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COVID crashed our economy first and foremost. GDP fell by the biggest percentage since the Great Depression; 22 million Americans lost their jobs in the first two months of the lockdowns. Onthou dat? What you may ...

Cardinal Zen appears in Hong Kong court after arrest by Chinese Communist Party

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The 90-year-old cardinal, who was arrested with four other pro-democracy advocates, was a trustee of a relief fund used to bail out protesters and pay legal fees, according to Catholic News Agency. The five arrestees...

In 1968, Poland’s communist government forced Jews to leave. Vandag, the country embraces refugees.

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Because SS soldiers used the Nożyk Synagogue as a warehouse and horse stable during World War II, it was the only major Jewish synagogue the Nazis did not destroy in Poland's capital city of Warsaw. Nou, it is once ...

Canada Freedom Convoy: European Parliament member compares Trudeau to communist ‘dictator

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"The prime minister of Canada, the way he’s behaving right now – he’s exactly like a tyrant, like a dictator. He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania," MEP Cristian Terheș, of Romania, said during a speech to European Parliam...

Chinese Communist Party, leftist American elites ‘are one and the same’: Domenech

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"The CCP is actively engaged in an effort to undermine our American way of life," Domenech said. " … But China is doing this with the active cooperation of our fellow Americans. Their partners in this project aren't ...

MSNBC producer excoriated for calling Chinese human rights abuses ‘alleged,’ pandering to communist nation

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"Japan has decided not to send senior officials to the Beijing Olympics in February — a move that will align it with the U.S. diplomatic boycott over China's alleged human rights abuses," Griffin wrote on Twitter. C ...

Wall Street and Silicon Valley must stop bankrolling communist China

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Egter, Silicon Valley and Wall Street have continued fueling the rise of the CCP with massive investments and commitments to bolster China’s economy, while eschewing their patriotic duty to take similar steps here ...

Tom Cotton urges the Biden administration to reduce reliance on the Chinese Communist Party

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TOM KATOEN: It's an important trend in China. Onthou, China is a Communist country, and they always put the party above the government and certainly ahead of the public interest. We should do everything we can to ...

Peng Shuai denies making sexual assault allegation against retired Communist Party leader, but WTA concerns persist

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Hong Kong Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has denied making sexual assault allegations against a retired Communist Party leader, following more than a month of growing concern about her safety and whereabouts that led...

Biden’s America faces devastating defeat by communist China

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I am talking about a defeat which will eliminate our freedom and permanently subordinate America to Communist China and its demands for absolute control and obedience. PUTIN, XI HOLD VIDEO CALL AS TENSIONS WITH US ES...

Die Chinese Kommunistiese Party aanvaar 'n landmerkresolusie ter viering van leier Xi Jinping

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Die Chinese Kommunistiese Party (CCP) het 'n landmerk-resolusie oor die party se "groot prestasies en historiese ervarings," volgens 'n mededeling wat Donderdag deur die amptelike Xinhua-nuusagentskap gepubliseer is, ek ...

Chinese tennisster beskuldig voormalige topleier van die Kommunistiese Party van seksuele aanranding, kombers sensuur veroorsaak

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Hongkong 'n Chinese tennisster se plofbare #MeToo-aantyging teen 'n voormalige staatsleier is gedemp deur kombers sensuur, met owerhede wat jaag om enige melding van 'n polities sensitiewe skandaal uit te wis t..

‘Gutfeld’ on Enes Kanter speaking against Communist China

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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NUUSGASheer: Happy Friday, my fellow funky Friday, mense. What a crazy week. It's like one of hammers hot tub parties. Bad things are happening, but it's OK because we're all in this together. First l...

Ma van Virginia wat Maoïstiese China oorleef het, sê DOJ, skoolraadvereniging gebruik 'kommunistiese taktiek'

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"Toe ek in China was, Ek het my hele skooljare in die Chinese Kulturele Revolusie deurgebring, so ek is baie, baie vertroud met die kommunistiese taktiek van hoe om mense te verdeel, hoe hulle die Chinese tradisionele kultuur gekanselleer het...

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