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Slain cop joined the NYPD to improve community relations stemming from stop and frisk, letter reveals

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The 22-year-old NYPD officer who was killed in the line of duty during a police response to a domestic call at a home in Harlem on Friday night said his first-hand experience with the controversial policy of stop an...

DC council candidate carjacked in broad daylight on camera demands stronger community policing

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The D.C. Metro Police Department released snippets of surveillance video Tuesday that showed four suspects who were wanted after the broad daylight auto robbery that happened around 1:30 nm. Saturday at a gas statio...

US law enforcement officials aim to reassure Jewish community in wake of hostage standoff

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Top Biden administration law enforcement officials -- including the FBI director, the attorney general and the Homeland Security secretary -- sought to reassure more than 1,000 members of the Orthodox Jewish communi...

Rooftop Openbarings: Politics cannot uplift a community. But faith can

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When Lori Lightfoot ran for mayor as a Democratic candidate, she criticized her fellow Democrat and the sitting mayor, Room Emanuel, vir "lacking a real, comprehensive plan to make a sustainable reduction in violence...

Fourth resident of Florida Villages retirement community arrested on charges of voter fraud

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Charles Barnes, 64, was released on $ 2,000 bond Tuesday after being taken into custody by the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office, tronkrekords wys. He is also facing one count of casting more than one ballot at any el...

World War II veteran celebrates 102nd birthday: ‘Blessedand ‘gratefulfor community support

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Members of the town's American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, and Sons of the American Legion took part in the birthday drive-by. FATHER-SON DUO ‘RAISE THE FLAG’ FOR AMERICA'S MILITARY In addition, local fir...

Rooftop Openbarings: What has Black Lives Matter done for our community?

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On the 44th day of his 100-day rooftop vigil, the pastor was visited by Dumisani Washington, CEO of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel, and Darwin Jiles Jr., former ethnic vice chairman of the Michigan Re...

Chicago pastor hopes community center will push South Side over ‘tipping pointand create permanent change

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The pastor has yet to reach this tipping point, and that is why he has been holding a 100-day rooftop vigil to raise funds for a building to house Project H.O.O.D., his long-running community center. He has taken the...

Rep. Maria Salazar says Democrats failed the Hispanic community: ‘We are Americans, we’re not socialists

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Recent polls have shown that Hispanics are now split evenly between the Republican and Democratic party. According to the Wall Street Journal, support for Republicans and Democrats are at an even split at 37%, met 2...

How a kind gesture and a strand of Christmas lights connected a community

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In Towson, Maryland, there is a street called Dunkirk Road. Daar is 32 homes on Dunkirk, where families of various races, religions, and political views live. The neighbors are all close friends. So when Matt Rig...

Hoe 'n Seattle-gemeenskap 'n stam se stryd vir sy bestaan ​​ondersteun

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Die Duwamish-stam word nie deur die Amerikaanse regering erken nie. Dit het nie sy eie bespreking nie. Meer as 'n eeu van verbreekte verdragbeloftes, diskriminerende wette en geweld het baie van sy mense uit hul anc gedwing..

Pastor describes holding trapped woman’s hand at collapsed candle factory, and community members pulling people from rubble

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After a tornado demolished a candle factory in western Kentucky Friday night, die skeidsregter. Stephen Boyken climbed the rubble and heard someone beneath call out. "She was stuck underneath a wall and asked, 'Can you hold ...

Senegalese lawmakers draft new legislation targeting LGBT community

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Dakar, Senegal A group of Senegalese lawmakers has drafted a law that would tighten already repressive laws against same-sex relations, lengthening potential jail terms for those convicted of LGBT+ activities, een van...

Eyewitness to deadly Kentucky tornado discusses state of community: ‘We lost our history

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Mitchum joined "Amerika se Newsroom" on Monday to discuss the cleanup effort as the death toll continues to climb and members of the community remain missing. KENTUCKY ‘LOOKS WORSE TODAY’ THAN YESTERDAY WITH ‘PEOPLE ...

As Ahmaud Arbery se familie nie vrede het nie, gemeenskap sal nie vrede hê nie, BLM-betogers sê

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"Ons wil net hê hulle moet die regte ding doen," Michael Harris van Noord-Carolina gesê. Travis McMichael, 35, sy pa Greg McMichael, 65, en hul buurman William "Roddie" Bryan, 52, is van moord aangekla, vererger...

'Rasie-pimp’ Biden se reaksie op Rittenhouse-uitspraak wys hoe hy die swart gemeenskap gebruik: David Webb

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Webb het gereageer op oproepe vir Biden om om verskoning te vra nadat sy presidensiële veldtog Kyle Rittenhouse verlede jaar met wit oppergesagte vergelyk het. Biden het Vrydag 'n vraag oor die vergelyking ontduik na Rittenhouse se 'n ....

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