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5 Chinese nationals among those charged with cyberhacking that victimized over 100 people and companies worldwide

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Five Chinese and two Malaysian international cyberhackers were indicted in federal court on Wednesday for allegedly intruding on over 100 companies and people in the US and abroad through online games to launder "me...

Man charged with fraud after seeking PPP funding for companies he named after ‘Game of Thrones’ personaggi

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A man was charged with fraud after he sought out more than $ 6 million in PPP loans for companies named after "Game of Thrones" personaggi. Tristan Bishop Pan, 38, of Garner, Carolina del Nord, is facing charges of wi...

Employees of Big Four tech companies show lopsided support for Biden campaign

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Political contributions from employees at some of the nation's largest technology companies to Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign soared last month -- offering a snapshot of the way in which big tech...

For companies, breaking up with Trump is a delicate dance

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A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business' Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up right here. Londra (CNN Business)Following last week's insurrection at the US Capitol, a growing...

I Democratici al Senato abbandonano la proposta di penalizzare le aziende per non aver fornito $15 salario minimo

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I Democratici al Senato hanno deciso domenica di abbandonare una proposta alternativa per penalizzare le aziende per non aver fornito a $ 15 salario minimo ai propri dipendenti, l'ultima indicazione che l'aumento del salario minimo federale in questo ...

Leo Terrell: Left is using ‘Al Sharpton’s playbook,’ intimidating companies with racism claims

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"In Georgia, they've made it easier to vote, harder to cheat," Terrell told "Volpe & Amici." Terrell noted that though the MLB All-Star game was moved from Georgia to Colorado over disapproval of the election re...

American ‘wokecompanies blamed for fueling China’s rise, Paypal co-founder says

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"There's something about the woke politics inside these companies, the way they think of themselves as not really American companies. And it's somehow very, very difficult for them to have a sharp anti-China edge wha...