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Greg Gutfeld: What’s really missing from the Left is compassion

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So vanaand, a tale of two coasts, and two elections. Soos jy weet, there’s a recall going on in California. Except this recall isn’t for defective airbags. It’s for a defective windbag, naamlik, his royal haircut, Ga...

Greg Gutfeld: The media has no compassion and needs vulnerable people to watch rage-creating clickbait

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So I had a great time up at the lake. I actually went water skiing with Caitlyn Jenner. As expected Kat and her new husband spent Memorial Day, in typical fashion. In elk geval, that really happened. But how can you tell?...

Family lawyer for American sentenced to life for Italy cop killing says verdict lacks ‘reason and compassion’

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Op Woensdag, a jury found Finnegan Elder, 21, and Gabriel Natale-Hjorth, 20, both guilty of several charges – including homicide, aanranding, resisting a public official, attempted extortion and carrying an attack-styl...