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'Sister Wives' de Kody Brown no puede 'competir' contra la esposa plural Robyn, Meri podría ser la próxima en irse: fuente

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El martes, la "Esposas hermanas" La estrella tomó Instagram y anunció que ella y el patriarca de la familia lo dejaron después de 25 años. "Las otras esposas no pueden competir contra Robyn," una fuente alegada a Us Weekly el jueves..

WWE Superstar Bianca Belair talks how faith helps her compete in the ring

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The current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion is going to defend her championship against WWE Superstar Sasha Banks. Belair spoke to Fox News about how she's prepping for the match, what keeps her grounded amid fame, un...

La multitud de soldados en servicio activo Miss Colorado falta la rotación de Irak para competir por el título de Miss América

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En lugar de, Ella está ayudando a sus compañeros soldados a prepararse para su rotación a Irak en apoyo de la Operación Resolución Inherente y permanecerá en Fort Carson, cerca de Colorado Springs.. "Me ofrecí como voluntario y luego mi unidad dijo 'No y ....

McKayla Maroney: I was forced to compete on broken foot thanks to Larry Nassar

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The now-25-year-old — who has said she is among hundreds of victims, including Simone Biles, sexually abused by the former osteopathic physician for USA Gymnastics — opened up about her Olympic experience on Instagra...

Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard becomes first ​out transgender woman to compete at the Olympics, fails to register a lift

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New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard became the first ​out transgender woman to compete in the 125-year history of the Olympics on Monday as she failed to register a lift in the women's super-heavyweight +87kg ca...

Uche Eke becomes first gymnast to compete for Nigeria at the Olympics

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"The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" isn't what you would call a gymnastics movie, but for Nigerian American gymnast Uche Eke, it inspired his love for Tokyo -- and fueled his dream to compete at the 2020 Tokyo O...

Laurel Hubbard can compete in Olympics under current rules, IOC says

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Hubbard became the first transgender woman to qualify for the Olympics last month. A 43 años, she was able to qualify for the New Zealand team in the 87-kilogram category. She already received support from the ...

Mujer trans gana Miss Nevada, ahora listo para competir en Miss USA: informes

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La filipino-estadounidense Kataluna Enríquez fue coronada ganadora el domingo en el certamen celebrado en Las Vegas.. Enríquez superado 21 otros candidatos para representar a Nevada en el próximo certamen de Miss USA en noviembre, las vegas ...

Lara Trump to US Olympian who protested flag: Apologize or compete somewhere else

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OLD GWEN BERRY PHOTO OF HER HOLDING AMERICAN FLAG GOES VIRAL AMID ANTHEM UPROAR LARA TRUMP: Mirar, I think we all know that this was a stunt. This was an attempt, a very selfish attempt at that, by her to make a name ...

Tyrus: ¿Por qué Gwen Berry quiere competir en los Juegos Olímpicos si odia tanto a su país?

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TYRUS MURDOCH: No, Yo no, y, sinceramente, no me importa cuándo se tocó el himno nacional. No importa, 5:20, 4:15 realmente no importa. Te voy a dar nombres aqui. Hemos tenido algunos problemas en esto ....

Transgender runner CeCe Telfer is ruled ineligible to compete in US Olympic trials

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CeCe Telfer, an NCAA Division II track and field champion in 2019, is not allowed to compete in the women's 400-meter hurdles US Olympic Trials because of her eligibility regarding testosterone levels, USA Track and...

Naomi Osaka withdraws from Wimbledon to take ‘personal time,’ will compete at Olympics

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Osaka, who recently withdrew from the French Open because of her decision not to fulfill her media requirements, announced in a statement through her team that she would not participate at Wimbledon later this month ...

America’s toughest soldiers compete in annual 62-hour ‘Best Ranger’ competition

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The three-part documentary series records the three-day-long physical battle between soldiers. Two-man teams compete for 62 hours straight while carrying 75 pounds on their backs and maneuvering 70 miles of obstacles...

Atletismo: Amputee Leeper’s application to compete with running blades rejected

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World Athletics have rejected an application from American double amputee Blake Leeper to run on particular running specific prostheses (RSPs), preventing him from competing in the Olympics or World Athletics events....

Iran’s only female Olympic medalist to compete under white flag in Tokyo

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Iranian female Olympic medal winner Kimia Alizadeh has been granted refugee status in Germany and aims to compete in the Olympic Refugee Team under a white flag in Tokyo this summer. Alizadeh, who won taekwondo bron...