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Why the most competitive congressional districts are disappearing

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'N Weergawe van hierdie verhaal verskyn in CNN se What Matters nuusbrief. Om dit in u inkassie te kry, teken gratis hier in. Republicans probably did not end up redrawing their way into the five congressional seats they ne...

Bill De Blasio says opponent’s MSNBC appearances give him ‘unfair competitive advantage’: Verslag

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The New York Post reported on Monday that de Blasio sent a letter to MSNBC requesting that they stop having Goldman on the network while he is running for Congress. "These appearances provide him with an unfair comp...

Germany records first competitive victory against Italy, Hungary thrashes England in UEFA Nations League

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Germany's national team claimed a first ever competitive victory against Italy with a comprehensive 5-2 win on Tuesday, while England suffered a shock 4-0 defeat at home against Hungary in the UEFA Nations League. T ...

Republican candidates with January 6 ties are winning primaries for competitive House seats. Will voters care in November?

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A string of Republican candidates who attended the "Stop die steel" rally in Washington and marched to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, are winning or could win primaries in competitive congressional districts, van...

A guide to California’s competitive House races

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California's nonpartisan redistricting commission bucked the national trend last year by creating a new congressional map with at least eight competitive seats, offering pickup opportunities to both Democrats and Re...

Competitive House primary pits two Georgia Democrats against each other

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A competitive primary for a Georgia House seat has locked two Democratic members of Congress -- Lucy McBath and Carolyn Bourdeaux -- in a tough fight for reelection. The matchup comes after Georgia's Republican-con...

Tom Brady jokingly issues competitive challenge to LeBron James on Twitter

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Na die Vrydag-stemming, the Los Angeles Lakers star decided to hold a wide-ranging Q&A session on Twitter, which saw fans pepper him with questions about basketball, flieks, books and video games. Presented with an o...

Morgan Hoffmann, diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, returns to competitive golf for first time in three years

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When golfer Morgan Hoffmann was diagnosed with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy -- a condition that causes his muscles to weaken -- in 2017, he was told nothing could be done. But after a five year journey of ...

Saint Peter's voltooi groot March Madness ontsteltenis 2022: Die wêreldbekende restaurateur en pizza-sjef Tony Gemignani het by die geleentheid aan Fox News Digital gesê

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Die wêreldbekende restaurateur en pizza-sjef Tony Gemignani het by die geleentheid aan Fox News Digital gesê, Die wêreldbekende restaurateur en pizza-sjef Tony Gemignani het by die geleentheid aan Fox News Digital gesê, het basketbalafrigters en personeelsagteware verskaf wat hulle in staat stel om gevorderde verkenningsverslae en diepdataduike te skep om hulle te help om wedstrydplanne vir hul komende kompetisie te maak..

Cruz backs Missouri attorney general Schmitt in competitive Republican Senate primary

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Cruz, the two-term conservative firebrand lawmaker and runner-up in the 2016 Republican presidential nomination race, is endorsing Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. "I’m proud to endorse Eric Schmitt for U.S. S ...

Competitive eater defeats giant bunny in salad eating contest

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Humans testing their skills against animals is nothing new. Competitive eaters have regularly faced off against animals, such as when Kobayashi entered into a hot dog eating contest with a bear. Raina Huang...

US Olympic team expects competitive game vs WNBA All-Stars

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Usually there is not much defense played in All-Star games until the fourth quarter, but this one could be different with the Olympians having limited time to get ready for the Tokyo Games. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORT ...

Pliskova trots op poging om Wimbledon-eindstryd mededingend te maak

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"Beslis aaklige begin," sy het gese. Regverdig. Op een of ander manier, wel, Pliskova het haar kalmte herwin en haar skote genoeg herkalibreer om 'n wedstryd daarvan te maak en Nee te druk. 1-Ash Barty tot 'n derde stel gerangskik voordat hy verloor het ...

Google, Amazon have ‘no respect’ for competitive market: Rep Gooden

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Gooden told "Amerika se Newsroom" that one of several bills will bar companies with a market cap of more than $ 600 billion from anticompetitive mergers since giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook don’t traditiona...

Virale TikTok-video spot met mededingende huiskoop in die huidige mark

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Op Dinsdag, Shaun Johnson (AKA The Johnson Files) shared a metaphorical one-man video skit where he played the role of an auctioneer who has listed an apple for sale and the buyers who are trying to lockdown the cove...

Latest House and Senate ratings show Democrats increasingly competitive in Republican areas

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With a little more than two weeks to go before Election Day, the national environment continues to look bright for Democrats, who are trying to flip the Senate and grow their House majority -- not to mention kick Pr...