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Andrew Cuomo sex-misconduct complaint dismissed by judge

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The livestream for the virtual hearing had a rocky start, with several minutes of indiscernible noises and muffled speech from the courtroom. 库莫, represented by Michael McDermott and Rita Glavin, did not make a st...

在“彩色操场之夜的家庭”之后,丹佛学校受到了民权投诉’ 表面

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家长捍卫教育 (偏微分方程), 反批判种族理论 (显像管) 组织, 周五将投诉发送至教育部民权办公室, 指控学校违反法定休息时间。.

金波特审判: 丹特·赖特, 重犯被前警察杀害, 出现在另一个重罪投诉中

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前布鲁克林中心警官金波特因赖特之死而接受审判, 先面对- 和二级过失杀人罪. 赖特的父亲, 奥布里赖特, 星期三作为角色证人出庭。.

加州众议员. Swalwell 受到 FEC 投诉,指控竞选活动不当地支​​付个人开支

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美国问责基金会 (美国空军), 保守的非营利组织, 周四对 Swalwell 提起诉讼, 引用最近关于国会议员竞选支出的报告. "美国人民对...

A Florida school board member filed a criminal complaint over a Black queer memoir

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A school board member in Florida wants someone to be criminally prosecuted for allowing a young-adult memoir for Black queer boys on school library shelves. Jill Woolbright, a member of the Flagler County School Bo...

奥尔巴尼地区检察官呼吁对前州长提起刑事诉讼. 安德鲁科莫‘可能有缺陷’

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前纽约州州长. 应奥尔巴尼地区检察官的要求,安德鲁·科莫 (Andrew Cuomo) 因强行接触罪名的传讯被推迟. 奥尔巴尼县地方检察官大卫苏亚雷斯说法庭文件....

在法官驳回联邦投诉后,西雅图父亲就儿子的 CHOP/CHAZ 区枪击死亡提起诉讼

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周三,律师代表该庄园和霍勒斯·洛伦佐·戴肖恩·安德森 (Horace Lorenzo Daeshawn Anderson) 的父亲在华盛顿金县高等法院提起诉讼。, 谁去了洛伦佐的名字, 并争辩说这位 19 岁的 ...

Netflix removes spy drama episodes after Philippinescomplaint over China map

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Netflix Inc has removed two episodes of spy drama "Pine Gap" from its streaming service in the Philippines, after the Southeast Asian country rejected scenes involving a map used by China to assert its claims to the ...

Cuomo 顾问称性犯罪投诉的时间安排旨在提振 AG Letitia James’ 州长投标

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在奥尔巴尼县警长 Craig Apple 对 Cuomo 提起刑事诉讼的一天后,詹姆斯宣布她打算竞选纽约最高职位. 库莫, 谁在八月辞职, 被指控摸索形式...

'锈’ 曾将鲍德温枪作为先前安全投诉对象的船员

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亚历克·鲍德温 (Alec Baldwin) 被机组人员给了道具枪,此前他曾对他提出过安全投诉。 "锈" 据报道,剧组成员给了亚历克·鲍德温一把道具枪,杀死了摄影师哈莉娜·哈钦斯。.

Chicago files complaint against police union; Lightfoot denounces ‘rhetoric of conspiracy theorists

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Lightfoot and the police union have continued to bump heads as the deadline for the vaccine mandate looms: City employees must enter their vaccination status into an online portal by midnight Friday. The Fraternal O...

Glen Kamara: Rangers to lodge official complaint over ‘racistbooing at midfielder

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Steven Gerrard, manager of Scottish football team, Rangers, 说他是 "not surprised" Sparta Prague fans booed Glen Kamara during their 1-0 defeat in the Europa League on Thursday. The Finnish midfielder alleged he'...

AOC hit with second ethics complaint over Met Gala attendance

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The complaint from the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) to the Office of Congressional Ethics alleged that Ocasio-Cortez improperly accepted tickets from a table sponsor for herself and her boyfriend. House ru...

Biden nominates UPenn president for ambassadorship following China disclosure complaint

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Amy Gutmann is the Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science and was praised by Fortune in 2018 as one of the "World’s 50 Greatest Leaders," 根据大学. And she’s been presid...

MA school’s segregated ‘healing spaceexplicitly excluded White students: complaint

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According to the Parents Defending Education (偏微分方程) complaint, Wellesley Public Schools sent an invitation to Asian American, 黑色, Indigenous and people of color students to attend the event, explicitly disallowing ...

密西根州政府. Whitmer’s controversial Florida trip subject of IRS complaint

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Conservative advocacy group Michigan Rising Action filed the IRS complaint against Whitmer and alleges the governor's trip to Florida was outside the tax-exempt scope of her transition organization that helped pay fo...

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