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MSNBC completely avoids Jeffrey Epstein bombshell from Gates divorce saga

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The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that Melinda Gates had ongoing concerns about her husband's ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as early as 2013. Sources familiar with the divorce said Melinda ...

Madre de Kansas regresa y encuentra un apartamento completamente vacío, se fue sin nada: 'Me quedé boquiabierto’

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"Ellos [propiedad administrativa] no he respondido a nadie y me mudo el lunes, gracias a Dios," Guthrie le dijo a Fox News. Guthrie dice que no tiene seguro para inquilinos y creó un GoFundMe para ayudar a pagar los muebles, cocina ...

Chicago Democratic alderman rips Lightfoot after ‘completely hypocriticalnew demand for federal crime help

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Raymond Lopez, who has previously sparred with Lightfoot on the topic of surging crime and gun violence in the Windy City, dijo "La historia" that while he does not like former President Trump, he views Lightfoot as pl...

Hannity shames Mitch McConnell for ‘completely caving’ to Dems’ threats: ‘Where is your backbone?"

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"Mitch McConnell, where is your backbone?" preguntó. "Where are your principles?" McConnell and 10 otro "weak" Republicanos, as Hannity described, gave the Democrats a very "generous gift" with the extension after no...

'Idolo Americano’ comeback twist sparks controversy as viewers claim it ‘ruined’ temporada: ‘Completely unfair

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los "comeback" episode saw 10 former contestants who were unable to perform on the show's main stage in 2020 due to coronavirus limitations were brought back on Monday for a chance to snag a spot in this season's top...

Doctor: Arkansas anti-trans law is completely unethical

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Jack Turban MD (@jack_turban) is a fellow in child and adolescent psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine. Las opiniones expresadas aquí son suyas. Ver más opinión en CNN. As physicians, my colleagues an...

New Zealand can’t eradicate coronavirus completely, government says

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a cautious plan to ease lockdown restrictions in Auckland, despite an outbreak there that continues to simmer. Since early in the pandemic, New Zealand had pursued an unusual ...

Aly Raisman is ‘completely heartbroken’ after dog goes missing

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"Sick to my stomach & completely heartbroken," the Olympian, 27, wrote on Instagram Tuesday. "Hoping for good news soon." Over on Twitter, Raisman shared that she is offering a reward for her pup’s safe return. ...

Ben Domenech rips Dr. Fauci’s comments on gun violence: ‘Completely out of his depth

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FAUCI TIES GUN VIOLENCE TO A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE BEN DOMENECH: I’m sick and tired of this out-of-his-depth bureaucrat Dr. Fauci feeling that he can just weigh in on any kind of matter socially and have a reaction fro...

Laura Ingraham: Big corporations supporting woke ideals ‘completely at odds’ with business values

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INGRAHAM: It's increasingly obvious that much of the business community supports an agenda that's not only disastrous for working-class Americans but completely at odds with their beliefs and values… Most Americans a...

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