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Personal information may have been leaked to the dark web after cyberattack on Tulsa’s computer system, officials warn

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Officials in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are warning residents their personal information may have been leaked to the dark web following a ransomware attack on the city last month. The city announced Tuesday that hackers obtai...

Hubble Space Telescope halts amid computer trouble

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The orbiting observatory has been idle since Sunday when a 1980s-era computer that controls the science instruments shut down, possibly because of a bad memory board. Astronauts Steven L. Smith and John M. ...

Inmates at Oklahoma prisons begin receiving computer tablets

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Inmates in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) began receiving tablets this week as part of a plan to supply all state prisoners with secure tablet computers. Meer as 21,000 inmates at over 20 facilitie...

The tech startup that taught a computer to taste wine

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Londen (CNN Besigheid)A California startup that taught a computer to "smaak" wine is using the technology to help winemakers improve their products and attract new customers. Founder Katerina Axelsson says Tastry uses...

No US men in Top 30 for 1st time in computer tennis rankings

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The highest-ranked man from the U.S., Taylor Fritz, slid one place to No. 31 on Monday after a first-round loss at last week’s Madrid Masters. Next is John Isner, who made it to the quarterfinals on the red clay in S...

Teenage ‘computer geniuscould become the first millennial saint

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Rome A teenage "computer genius" could be on the path to sainthood after he was beatified by the Catholic Church. Carlo Acutis, who died of leukemia at the age of 15 in 2006, was beatified on Saturday in the town of...