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Majority of Americans see China as top threat, concerned about war breaking out: peiling

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The polling was conducted for this year's Reagan National Defense Survey, with the institute comparing the results with how Americans viewed a variety of issues in 2018. "For the first time in our survey, a majority ...

US concerned that a Russian anti-satellite weapons test created a debris field in space

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The US is concerned that Russia carried out a major anti-satellite weapons test over the weekend, two US officials told CNN. One of the officials said it may have created a potentially dangerous debris field in spac...

FIFA ‘deeply concernedat social media footage of DR Congo Under-20 women’s national team

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Football's world governing body FIFA says it's "diep besorg" at images that have recently emerged on social media of the Congolese Under-20 women's national team. Global soccer players' union FIFPRO posted vide...

Uptick in Afghan targeted killings of US allies has veterans groups concerned

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"Once everybody left on Aug 31st, we’ve been just trying to keep them alive," Coburn said, referring to Afghan elite commandos who could not get through the Kabul airport gates. "The huge barrier we faced is because ...

Moeder van vrou in 'n virale video van Urban Meyer oor die welstand van haar dogter

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Die 24-jarige vrou is gesien dans naby die skoot van die Jacksonville Jaguars-afrigter by 'n Columbus, Ohio, kroeg nadat Meyer ná die span se wedstryd in Ohio teruggebly het. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Kop c ...

Sy. Johnson questions new DoD guidance: Military should be more concerned about readiness than ‘wokeness

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SY. RON JOHNSON: The Department of Homeland Security has issued its guidance and listed some things that would concern them, put you in a category of a domestic terrorist, potensieel. One is questioning the COVID g...

Sy. Tom Cotton condemns Biden administration for ‘sickingFeds on concerned parents: ‘Dangerous overreach

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SEN.TOM COTTON: Every state has laws on the books for criminalizing violence or criminal threats. This is dangerous overreach by Biden administration to sick the Feds on parents who simply want to play a role in thei...

Bill Hagerty: Biden admin ‘overreach’on energy, werksgeleenthede, private datahas Americans ‘deeply concerned’

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HANNITEIT: ‘EVERYTHING WILL BEE MORE EXPENSIVE’ UNDER DEMOCRATS’ SPENDING PLAN U.S. SY. BILL HAGERTY, R-TENN: Their policies are absolutely cutting the exact wrong way. … They make us less energy independent. They’ve ...

Biden’s White House more concerned with ‘messagingthan rescuing Americans in Afghanistan: Watters

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Watters comments came after White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted during a press briefing that Americans "are not" stranded in Kabul and that the White House is "committed to bringing Americans who want to c...

Prins William is 'toenemend bekommerd' en 'ontsteld' te midde van prins Andrew se Epstein -skandaal, bron eise

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Op Aug. 9, Virginia Giuffre het 'n regsgeding aanhangig gemaak oor seksuele mishandeling deur die hertog van York. Die 38-jarige advokate het die saak by die federale hof in Manhattan ingedien, waar Jeffrey Epstein strafregtelik van seks aangekla is..

US athletes are more concerned with scoring ‘woke pointsthan actual ones: Tammy Bruce

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"Failure, ellende, resentment, victimhood, hatred for the country… that’s what fuels the left… and it’s penetrating nearly every corner of society," Bruce said in her opening monologue Monday. OLYMPIC FAILURE: INGRAHA...

Milley het aangedring op die bewerings dat hy bekommerd is dat Trump 'n staatsgreep sal probeer

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Die voorsitter van die gesamentlike stafhoofde, Mark Milley, het Woensdag gesê hy sal nie kommentaar lewer op 'n onlangse uittreksel oor die boek wat beweer dat hy so geskud is dat die destydse president Donald Trump en sy bondgenote moontlik 'n staatsgreep of poging tot 'n poging sal neem nie..

Democrats concerned Harris couldn’t beat a GOP nominee, even if Trump: verslag doen

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Democrats close to the White House told Axios they’re concerned about Harris’ mishandling of politically sensitive issues and "political tone deafness," the outlet reported Friday. The vice president was widely pann...

Americans should be very concerned about ‘weaponized’ DOJ: Georgia AG Carr on ‘America’s Newsroom

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"In werklikheid, I’ve said it is not a lawsuit, it’s a campaign flyer," Carr told "America's Newsroom" Maandag. "The Department of Justice is simply playing politics." "They are not upholding the rule of law and this bla...

Britney Spears’ mom Lynne is ‘very concernedafter singer speaks at conservatorship hearing, prokureur sê

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Attorney Gladstone Jones said Lynne, 66, is a "very concerned mother" after the 39-year-old pop star expressed her desire to have her conservatorship end in Los Angeles Superior Court. Jones' statement on behalf of L...

ATF-agente, fomer director concerned with Biden nominee David Chipman: ‘A rabid partisan

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Former ATF Director Michael Sullivan, as well as a current ATF member involved in training and a retired ATF deputy director who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, expressed concern that Biden's n...

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