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NYC police ‘deeply concernedabout subway assaults on workers, cops as violent transit crime uptick persists

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New York City Transit Chief Jason Wilcox said police executives were "diep besorg" by recent crime statistics, which showed 20 Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees and 25 cops have been assaulted so f...

Some Democrats concerned about Garcetti’s nomination to be ambassador to India

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A number of Senate Democrats have privately expressed concerns about President Joe Biden's nomination of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to be US ambassador to India, multiple sources have told CNN, raising concerns...

MSNBC highlights Florida teacher concerned he can no longer discuss his personal life due to new education law

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Maandag, Goewerneur. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., signed into law the Parental Rights in Education bill, which bans classroom instruction on "seksuele oriëntasie" en "geslagsidentiteit" for grades kindergarten through third grade....

Rep. Ro Khanna concerned student loan debt could be a hurdle to raising children, buying homes

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"It leads to young people not wanting to have families," the California Democrat told Fox News. "It means young people aren't able to buy homes." FREMONT, DAARDIE - SEPT. 17: Representative Ro Khanna speaks to ...

Wisconsin county elects GOP executive for first time in decades: ‘People are concerned about crime

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"Public safety is a big concern. … Crime is something people are concerned about in our area," Staatsverteenwoordiger. Samantha Kerkman told "jakkals & Vriende eers" Vrydag, adding that inflation, jobs and education are the othe...

Arroyo: Every American should be concerned about alleged fed impersonators

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RAYMOND ARROYO: I want to open tonight with Homeland Insecurity. There is a troubling story out of Washington, D.C., that should concern every American on this Good Friday. I want to introduce you to two men you prob...

Adolescent suicides increased in 5 US states during the pandemic. Why parents should be concerned

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As jy of iemand wat jy ken sukkel met selfmoordgedagtes of geestesgesondheidsake, skakel asseblief die Nasionale Selfmoordvoorkoming Lifeline by 800-273-8255 to connect with a trained counselor or visit the NSPL sit...

Hoërskool middagete foto gedeel deur New York pa het ouers bekommerd

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Chris Vangellow, 'n pa van vier, het met Fox News gepraat oor die pos wat aandag trek van ouers in sy deelstaat New York, gemeenskap. Vangellow het gesê al sy kinders woon Parishville-Hopkinton Sentraal by..

Fauci claims to have ‘absolutely nothing to hide or nothing to be concerned aboutin Congressional hearing

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DR. ANTHONIE FAUCI: I have absolutely nothing to hide or nothing to be concerned about, of anything that I've done. So I never have been – and not now and will never be – afraid of hearings done in good faith in overs...

Rand Paul on threats facing Supreme Court justices: ‘I’m very concerned

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"I've seen political violence up close," Het Paulus vertel "jakkals & Vriende." And this is why it's not just a breach of decorum that they leaked this road decision early. This is really about somebody instigating and tryin...

Dr. Carol Swain ‘concernedabout Biden SCOTUS nominee’s views on critical race theory

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SCHUMER, DURBIN AND WHITEHOUSE VOTED AGAINST VAST MAJORITY OF TRUMP MINORITY APPEALS COURT NOMINEES DR. CAROL SWAIN: The Republicans should stand on the Constitution and the civil rights laws, and they should have sc...

Beijing says it is ‘seriously concernedas India cracks down on Chinese companies

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Nieu-Delhi (CNN Besigheid)Beijing said that it is "seriously concerned" about actions India has taken against Chinese companies this week, including banning apps. "Indian authorities have taken a series of repressive ...

GOP lawmaker slams Biden’s blame game on sky-high gas prices: Americans are ‘tremendously concerned

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FORMER OBAMA ADVISER: DON'T BLAME RUSSIA, BLAME BIDEN FOR INFLATION RATES REP. TED BUDD: You can see what his actions are, and he is hurting the American people. Anything that we get in the grocery store or anything ...

Men concerned about fertility should limit cell phone use to protect sperm quality, studie sê

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</s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s> </s>"Male cell-phone users should strive to reduce mobile phone use to protect their sperm quality," said Yun Hak Kim, lead researcher and an assistant professor at Pusan National University. Man traveling b...

New York college student, a Cuban immigrant, is concerned about ‘leftist propagandahe sees in US

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That's the gist of the feelings of Justo Antonio Triana, a current Syracuse University student in New York and a recent immigrant from communist Cuba. He shared his dismay and concern about his peers' views of social...

Majority of Americans see China as top threat, concerned about war breaking out: peiling

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The polling was conducted for this year's Reagan National Defense Survey, with the institute comparing the results with how Americans viewed a variety of issues in 2018. "For the first time in our survey, a majority ...

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