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Ingraham: ‘Concerned citizensshould ‘push back with logic and common senseagainst transgender athletics

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"As we've seen from Virginia though, to California and everywhere in between: When concerned citizens get together, unafraid, and push back with logic and common sense, basic biology - parents and neighbors say 'this...

Sy. Johnson questions new DoD guidance: Military should be more concerned about readiness than ‘wokeness

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SY. RON JOHNSON: The Department of Homeland Security has issued its guidance and listed some things that would concern them, put you in a category of a domestic terrorist, potensieel. One is questioning the COVID g...

NYC police ‘deeply concernedabout subway assaults on workers, cops as violent transit crime uptick persists

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New York City Transit Chief Jason Wilcox said police executives were "diep besorg" by recent crime statistics, which showed 20 Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees and 25 cops have been assaulted so f...

New documents show census officials concerned about political interference from Trump’s Commerce Department

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Newly released documents appear to show top career officials at the Census Bureau had drafted a memo of concerns during the Trump administration's attempts to exert political pressure on the bureau during the 2020 p ...

ATF-agente, fomer director concerned with Biden nominee David Chipman: ‘A rabid partisan

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Former ATF Director Michael Sullivan, as well as a current ATF member involved in training and a retired ATF deputy director who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, expressed concern that Biden's n...

Philadelphia mayor says residents ‘should be concerned about their safetyas there are ‘too many guns

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Mayor Jim Kenney was speaking to reporters during a Tuesday press conference discussing the arrest of 28-year-old Jonathan Akubu, who was accused of killing a 60-year-old Marine Corps veteran named George Briscella, ...

Moeder van vrou in 'n virale video van Urban Meyer oor die welstand van haar dogter

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Die 24-jarige vrou is gesien dans naby die skoot van die Jacksonville Jaguars-afrigter by 'n Columbus, Ohio, kroeg nadat Meyer ná die span se wedstryd in Ohio teruggebly het. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Kop c ...

Adolescent suicides increased in 5 US states during the pandemic. Why parents should be concerned

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As jy of iemand wat jy ken sukkel met selfmoordgedagtes of geestesgesondheidsake, skakel asseblief die Nasionale Selfmoordvoorkoming Lifeline by 800-273-8255 to connect with a trained counselor or visit the NSPL sit...

Top border patrol official: Biden more concerned with appeasing base than protecting US citizens

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BRANDON JUDD: We have to look at our politicians and hold them accountable. It simply comes down to appeasing a base population. This administration is more worried about the open border pundits than they are U.S. Ci...

Britney Spears’ mom Lynne is ‘very concernedafter singer speaks at conservatorship hearing, prokureur sê

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Attorney Gladstone Jones said Lynne, 66, ernstige aantygings waarby potensiële jeugdige slagoffers betrokke is "very concerned mother" after the 39-year-old pop star expressed her desire to have her conservatorship end in Los Angeles Superior Court. Jones' statement on behalf of L...

GOP lawmaker slams Biden’s blame game on sky-high gas prices: Americans are ‘tremendously concerned

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FORMER OBAMA ADVISER: DON'T BLAME RUSSIA, BLAME BIDEN FOR INFLATION RATES REP. TED BUDD: You can see what his actions are, and he is hurting the American people. Anything that we get in the grocery store or anything ...

Uptick in Afghan targeted killings of US allies has veterans groups concerned

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"Once everybody left on Aug 31st, we’ve been just trying to keep them alive," Coburn said, referring to Afghan elite commandos who could not get through the Kabul airport gates. "The huge barrier we faced is because ...

Hoërskool middagete foto gedeel deur New York pa het ouers bekommerd

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Chris Vangellow, 'n pa van vier, het met Fox News gepraat oor die pos wat aandag trek van ouers in sy deelstaat New York, gemeenskap. Vangellow het gesê al sy kinders woon Parishville-Hopkinton Sentraal by..

Americans should be very concerned about ‘weaponized’ DOJ: Georgia AG Carr on ‘America’s Newsroom

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"In werklikheid, I’ve said it is not a lawsuit, it’s a campaign flyer," Carr told "America's Newsroom" Maandag. "The Department of Justice is simply playing politics." "They are not upholding the rule of law and this bla...

Dr. Carol Swain ‘concernedabout Biden SCOTUS nominee’s views on critical race theory

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SCHUMER, DURBIN AND WHITEHOUSE VOTED AGAINST VAST MAJORITY OF TRUMP MINORITY APPEALS COURT NOMINEES DR. CAROL SWAIN: The Republicans should stand on the Constitution and the civil rights laws, and they should have sc...

FIFA ‘deeply concernedat social media footage of DR Congo Under-20 women’s national team

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Football's world governing body FIFA says it's "diep besorg" at images that have recently emerged on social media of the Congolese Under-20 women's national team. Global soccer players' union FIFPRO posted vide...