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Sy. Tom Cotton condemns Biden administration for ‘sickingFeds on concerned parents: ‘Dangerous overreach

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SEN.TOM COTTON: Every state has laws on the books for criminalizing violence or criminal threats. This is dangerous overreach by Biden administration to sick the Feds on parents who simply want to play a role in thei...

Britney Spears shares video for fans ‘concerned with my life

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Maandag, the 39-year-old pop star took to Instagram to share what she describes as never-before-seen clips from a past photoshoot. She provided a lengthy caption to go with it, acknowledging that she's "flattered" ...

Ingraham: ‘Concerned citizensshould ‘push back with logic and common senseagainst transgender athletics

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"As we've seen from Virginia though, to California and everywhere in between: When concerned citizens get together, unafraid, and push back with logic and common sense, basic biology - parents and neighbors say 'this...

Britney Spears’ mom Lynne is ‘very concernedafter singer speaks at conservatorship hearing, prokureur sê

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Attorney Gladstone Jones said Lynne, 66, ernstige aantygings waarby potensiële jeugdige slagoffers betrokke is "very concerned mother" after the 39-year-old pop star expressed her desire to have her conservatorship end in Los Angeles Superior Court. Jones' statement on behalf of L...

Biden’s White House more concerned with ‘messagingthan rescuing Americans in Afghanistan: Watters

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Watters comments came after White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted during a press briefing that Americans "are not" stranded in Kabul and that the White House is "committed to bringing Americans who want to c...

Former Lincoln Project advisor Tom Nichols mocks Americans concerned about inflation, high gas prices

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Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin took to Twitter to share a piece she wrote claiming, "Midterm voters must decide: Do they want to give the unhinged party that can’t admit their cult leader lost and still mak...

wat sokkerfan se foon betrek, vra die polisie se ondersoek en verskoning van Manchester United-ster

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wat sokkerfan se foon betrek, vra die polisie se ondersoek en verskoning van Manchester United-ster, het veerbrekers gewaarsku van 'n oplewing in ontspanningsmiddels wat met die gevaarlike sintetiese opioïed gesny is en 'n teenmiddel vir oordosis aangebied, het veerbrekers gewaarsku van 'n oplewing in ontspanningsmiddels wat met die gevaarlike sintetiese opioïed gesny is en 'n teenmiddel vir oordosis aangebied. S ...

Bill Hagerty: Biden admin ‘overreach’on energy, werksgeleenthede, private datahas Americans ‘deeply concerned’

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HANNITEIT: ‘EVERYTHING WILL BEE MORE EXPENSIVE’ UNDER DEMOCRATS’ SPENDING PLAN U.S. SY. BILL HAGERTY, R-TENN: Their policies are absolutely cutting the exact wrong way. … They make us less energy independent. They’ve ...

Philadelphia mayor says residents ‘should be concerned about their safetyas there are ‘too many guns

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Mayor Jim Kenney was speaking to reporters during a Tuesday press conference discussing the arrest of 28-year-old Jonathan Akubu, who was accused of killing a 60-year-old Marine Corps veteran named George Briscella, ...

Milley het aangedring op die bewerings dat hy bekommerd is dat Trump 'n staatsgreep sal probeer

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Die voorsitter van die gesamentlike stafhoofde, Mark Milley, het Woensdag gesê hy sal nie kommentaar lewer op 'n onlangse uittreksel oor die boek wat beweer dat hy so geskud is dat die destydse president Donald Trump en sy bondgenote moontlik 'n staatsgreep of poging tot 'n poging sal neem nie..

Sy. Johnson questions new DoD guidance: Military should be more concerned about readiness than ‘wokeness

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SY. RON JOHNSON: The Department of Homeland Security has issued its guidance and listed some things that would concern them, put you in a category of a domestic terrorist, potensieel. One is questioning the COVID g...

Concerned NYC mom asks de Blasio ‘what’s being doneabout broad-daylight crimes

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Die ma, identified only as Nicole, said she lives near Prospect Park. She said she was outside with her 4-year-old son around 4 nm. Tuesday when she heard shouting and gunshots. "I know gun violence has increase...

Pennsylvania school board member blasted for ‘appallingmessage to concerned parents

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PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER TELLS PARENTS ‘I DON’T WORK FOR YOU' "People are listening, they are watching, and they're indignant about how their concerns are being dismissed, treated, and mocked," Virginia resid...

Republicans ‘concernedby Durham allegations, McCarthy pledges oversight with potential House majority

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McCarthy and several of his Republican colleagues in the House and Senate expressed their concerns with the allegations by Durham linking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign to the ...

Missing California woman Sara Celeste Otero gone 10 dae; family ‘concerned for her wellbeing,’ sê die polisie

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Sara Celeste Otero was last seen on Jan. 28 rondom 8:40 am. by die 1200 block of Aldernay Court, in Oceanside, oor 40 miles north of San Diego, volgens die plaaslike polisie. Her phone has been off since 10 am. de ...

CNN, New York Times-joernaliste wat bekommerd is dat toename in misdaad Dems kan benadeel, help GOP in toekomstige verkiesings

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Liberale CNN-ontleder, John Avlon, het die toename in misdaad in sy "#RealityCheck" segment Donderdag en hoe dit aanleiding gee "herevaluering van die 'defund the police' retoriek en werklikheid." NEW YORK TYE KOLOM SLAMM ...